🚨 Regional Affiliation Swap 2021

Looks like SCA10 will begin life with its own programming variation rather than 10s network schedule. According to the tv guide, regional 10 will be showing an episode of Escape Fishing with ET at midnight instead of the Late Show which will be half way through on metro 10.

Disappointing. Would have rather seen half the Late Show.


For regional viewers of 9 and its multis get ready for the Crawfords DVD ads :wink:


They do have a (vaguely active) Facebook page that has predominantly posted Nine News content. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Broadcasting---Media-Production-Company/West-Digital-Television-1406385419643820/

Nothing about the affiliation change though.

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Ah gotcha, all good!


This is a bit of a mashup of the various tuning and LCN elements of the current affiliation, that will disappear around midnight; at least in regional Queensland. In memoriam. For the video I set the channels to their default positions.

Not sure where to look first tonight with so much happening. IIRC last change there was a brief period where there were no LCN’s.


Given tonight’s imminent changes, some changes to threads around here

WIN Television is now Nine (WIN) for Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, WA, SA

Ten (WIN) is a new thread for WIN Northern NSW (NRN)

Ten (Southern Cross) is back for Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT, Victoria and SA

Nine (Southern Cross) is still here just in case for any legacy discussion and for SA

Nine (Tasmanian Digital Television) is now Ten (Tasmanian Digital Television)

Nine (West Digital Television) is now Ten (West Digital Television)

Nine Mildura (MDV) is now Ten (Mildura Digital Television)

The last 3 are provisional changes only on expectation that they will switch from Nine to Ten but are subject to confirmation. (i.e. I don’t know any more than anyone else does!)


It will be VERY interesting to see what us regional viewers wake up to tomorrow morning!

I dare say a few of us will be staying up past midnight and recording both WIN and SCA channels… could there be a brief period where both are showing the same content as they may not both switch over at 12am on the dot?

Here in Northern NSW, curious to see how much WIN branding remains here, or if it will be mostly 10 branding (as Nine owns 9NBN here).


Hopefully the likes of Fetch and Foxtel will be quick to change the logo tiles on their EPGs. There have been delays in the past when logos have changed.


All makes sense with the pre-existing naming conventions. Good work getting it done tonight.


It’s about an hour before the 2016 affiliations end, and I just want to say good luck to everyone at WIN and SCA switching over (back?) to their new partners! Hopefully everything goes smoothly – and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next over the next few days to the next few years. :slight_smile: And I’m also glad to be discussing it with MediaSpy like we did this time back in 2016. I love you all. :heart:


Just did a rescan of the channels on my Fetch box and they’re already updated with the channel names, logos aren’t correct yet but probably won’t be long.


First time I’m watching an affiliation swap unfold in real-time (albeit, from Melbourne) so very interesting to see what happens!


We need a countdown clock for this!


Awesome! Be prepared for reactions, analysis on what happens, and of course the quality banter you’ve grown to love on this website


I’ve got two TV’s ready to phone record the two main channel switches but then will be in bed not long afterwards!


It will be interesting like back in 2016 to read the comments on the 9Life page from FTA viewers who switched on their tv’s to watch 9Life and it has gone and have no idea what’s going on.


It kinda feels a bit like New Years Eve (only 6 months early or late), lots of anticipation for midnight!


(hoping this works)


Just need the BBC countdown music in the background now!


Allow me to say, despite the somewhat controversial stuff I have said in the past… I do apologise to anyone here I have displeased with my comments, I am looking forward to only having PRIME using non metro branding and excited for what the future holds.

Does anyone think 2023 will be the dawn of national metro branding?

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