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matvstheworld said…
Recorded a few of those dodgy WIN made, dot free GEM promos the other day, they’re horrible

@Moe said…
Looks good enough to me.

I’m with @Moe. I think that looks pretty good and also proves that WIN could produce their own promos should the switch off occur on new years.

It looks good, but “…as they make you lough out loud” really sticks out to me. Maybe it reminds me too much of that Cat show (the ratings juggernaut of 2015).


The graphics are OK-ish I suppose, but I think the choice of VO leaves a lot to be desired. He sounds almost bored in what is supposed to be a promo for a cheery '90s sitcom! :confused:

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They have been using these promos for at least a year. They’re not bad and stuck to the GEM theme pretty well, but never knew why they bothered promoting GEM with their own style when Nine made perfectly good promos for them to use.


Possibly because GEM is the channel that is most out of synch with Nine’s programming having ACA at 7.30pm in many markets and often breaking away from the network feed. Just a thought.

Yeah, that must be it. Home to All Australian News, which alters the schedule quite a bit throughout the day. Probably explains why they felt the need to use the WIN GEM cover-up while virtually ignoring GO!

They have been using these promos for at least a year

Not living in a WIN area I wasn’t aware of this. The Friends one, visually is the best one i’ve seen in the last few days, not sure how long the RPA and Gilmore Girls one’s have been on but I assumed they’re recent ones made by WIN to not include any reference to Nine whilst still advertising the shows on GEM at minimal effort.

Also how does one quote properly on this new forum!?

I remember seeing a Gilmore Girls one a long a time ago, but they’ve probably re-done them anyway.

There’s a speech bubble button on the top-left of the Reply text box. Press that to quote the post you’re replying to.

Oh yes, thanks for that, Just saw the quote marks and copied and pasted but that’s much easier.

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Wonder why win stuck with gem for the name…why not a different name if you are going to make your own promos

Most of the time they are running the Nine GEM feed, why make extra work for themselves by changing the channel name??

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If no new deal is reached wonder if there would be a Crawfords channel instead of Gem or Go, I guess WIN would be lucky to have 1 channel if no deal happens soon. If there was a black out I don’t think it would last long anyway.

I think I would be a little jealous if there was a Crawfords channel playing old Crawfords shows. Bluey anyone?

If they did that, they’d have nothing to flog on Gold :stuck_out_tongue:


If WIN could indeed successfully program their own channel - including things like library content from Crawfords - it wouldn’t make much sense to then drop it once an affiliation deal was made. I could see a WIN produced multichannel of regular content being something that comes out of this situation.

Perhaps that could be what WIN ends up being a few years down the track - they could sell their stations, but keep their content deals and make new ones, and just buy some space from one of the other networks to run their own WIN branded channel - kinda like what happened with the launch of Food Network.


Looks like WIN’s anti-promo agenda has spread to GO! Didn’t see any actual promos tonight. They’ve produced their own random promo/idents with the GO! theme in the background.

WIN must be preparing for the worst case scenario. So far they haven’t adopted Nine’s new graphics, now creating their own promos. I still think a new deal will happen but incase if it really goes down the toilet, WIN has to figure something quick to cover a black-hole in holes in programming.

Once Nine Now launches, Nine programming will be available for WIN viewers so for those who understand the latest technology, they only be without Nine programming for a short time.


More like they’re attacking. Removing promos and promo times is one method of harming Nine. All part of WIN’s negotiation tactics since 2007. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some programs knocked out of the schedule in the next few days.

I saw Go early this morning and they had lots of promos with the dots even the Go ident was shown a few times. So who knows.

Only 2 days left for an outcome to be made

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