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Post any mocks here that you don’t think deserves their own thread or some idea you just wanted to get out of your head.

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WIN News
WIN News

Mock for Seven, with some 3D aspects.


Love it!


Very nice! I love it!


Nice mock although it’s a very refreshed Nine Network-esque look, isn’t it? :wink:


That looks cool! Good Job!


Now that looks great! Very nice. Although it looks like a very refreshed Nine Network-esque look as SCTV said, any new clean fresh presentation from Seven right now would be very welcome!


Tweaked 7TWO logo that I mocked up a while ago, have never been a fan of the existing logo.

This would be part of a light refresh now ahead of a more radical redesign to coincide with the olympics.


Haha, yes! Nine’s new look had something to do with this mock :wink:

Thank you all for the kind feedback :slight_smile:


If WIN took up Network Ten affiliation…


Oh goody!!! Expect to see solid block coverups of everything Ten with that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What a mess that would be. :grin:


Seven News mock.


That looks awesome! Very schmick!


Looks great but I’d have another shot at the logo, it sticks out a bit.


An ABC News 24 mock.


More Seven News lower thirds.


Some refreshed Seven News lower thirds…


Wow they are awesome


Holy crap! That’s amazing :o


Thats amazing!