Mocks [by Nicholas]


@nationalnews How I would’ve fixed the supers :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! This is exactly what I was about to go and mock up. Looks a million times better.


Probably the simplest mock you’ll see me make, but I don’t like the absence of the Nine News logo in the “Breaking News” fullscreen graphic.


Started creating a new look for Nine based on a few different previous looks, see if you can spot each element (the dominant look is from my favourite package used on Channel Nine) :wink:

Thoughts are appreciated :smiley:

As per the 2002-2005 look, each day would be colour-coded.


I like that one. Perhaps a direction that Nine should consider if they want a more simplified On-Air Presentation package! :slight_smile:


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I really like it! Although the OCD in me cant stand the fact that the day is in bold text in one but not the other :confused:


haha whoops :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously the 2002 package. 9HD logo is current, but takes a colour scheme from 9Go. Background image is of the 2012 ident for Welcome Home. The time being in a box reminds me of the late 2008 variation of weHeartTV. Any more I’m missing?


Think you named more than I could’ve, spot on :stuck_out_tongue:


What do I win?


Holiday to Ayr.


Can I get a refund for it?


nope sorry :frowning:



I’ve reuploaded all these 3 mocks because I finally found the setting in Photoshop which disabled text-smoothening. Text looks much better now :stuck_out_tongue:


ACA promo (example):


Hotseat promo (I never realised how hard it is to find good quality images lol)


Really liking these mocks for 9, great job!


Love these designs. Good job. :slight_smile: