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Discussion on Seven’s AFL coverage here.

I know there’s a dedicated Seven Sport thread but I thought there should be one for their AFL coverage like on the old site.

Old thread:

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I can’t remember 7 promoting the footy so early in the year before, promo featuring commentator Brian Taylor is pumping up a stack of footy’s


They started promoting it fairly early last year from memory.

Mind you, the 2016 season isn’t THAT far away believe it or not! :anguished:


Yeah IIRC they started promoting the footy during the tennis.


Just saw it on 7TWO tonight during the tennis. Worse than the daydream-themed promos of last year.


Does AFL really need to be promoted?


Yes it is obligatory under the “contra” component of Seven’s broadcast deal with the AFL.




Yes, who would’ve ever thought they’d beat last years efforts?! :yum:


The problem for me is they still have BT. Drop him already channel 7. He needs to disappear!!!


Yep, BT “oh boy, wow wee!” and Hamish are easily the worst of the current commentators signed to the network at the moment. Not sure why they are so popular to be honest. :thinking:


There will be a special in Victoria tonight at 7pm to discuss the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s guilty verdict against the 34 former and current Essendon players on doping. It will be hosted by David Koch and Tim Watson.


Couldn’t they find anyone to host that doesn’t have vested interests in the case… Will be good to hear Tim’s take on the Brownlow situation though.


No way!, BT is one of the best commentators, well he’s better than Fox Footy’s Dwayne Russell.


Seven has vowed to stand by Essendon through this drugs saga.

Seven chief executive Tim Worner said in a statement:

"On this most difficult of days for the 34 current and former Essendon players – our thoughts are with those players and their families.

"Channel Seven has a 60 year partnership with footy – it’s been a privilege to stand beside the clubs and the code’s administration in the development of this great game.

“After the handing down of today’s decision and acknowledging its impact, Channel Seven will continue this support and will stand by Essendon and assist them as they go about the rebuilding of their great club.”


Still better than his co caller on Saturday Nights…


New missing the footy promo featuring Richo and cut outs of the rest of Saturday night footy team


Yeah BT is still better than Luke Darcy.


Just saw a new AFL promo tonight, featuring Hall of Fame by The Script (also used as the theme song of MasterChef: The Professionals on Ten in early 2013). Personalities from Seven, including Kochie from Sunrise, Pete and Manu from MKR, are also involved in the ad. Hopefully it will be up on YouTube pretty soon.


Dennis Cometti has revealed the real reasons he is retiring at the end of the upcoming AFL season:

“I’m getting rather old these days and not so much tired of footy but certainly tired of travelling.
“I think I’ve worked out, with the help of a couple of other people, I’ve spent about six years of my life living in hotels."