Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Actually surprised this thread wasnt carried over from the old forum.
Post any Tounge-in-cheek mocks here, that way we can leave the proper mocks in their respectful state :stuck_out_tongue:


Not Original Content but still relevant.
Also not a mock but pretty funny


Based on the Nine ANZAC Day idents - may also be suitable for Mother’s Day


I see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good mock!


Was lucky enough to tune into WIN in Victoria and I am led to believe that they have started preping for Ten network programs; test broadcasts. Unfortunately the test broadcast lasted for about 2 minutes before returning to 9 network programs.
I caught Ten Eyewitness News using a number of different win logos coverups. Wonder which one they will go with… hm…


Interesting to see that @anthony78977’s logo made an appearance on TV as well! :stuck_out_tongue:


The future of WIN cover-ups is stretched far and wide :wink:


Or… maybe if their future agreement states that they must use the “Ten” brand, maybe they might try something like this to still stay relevant :wink: :


They “WIN” the night’s regional news ratings! :wink:


“First to win


Well, it’s true!


Would be sad to see this happen, but it’s a strong possibility if current WIN News staff find themselves out of work after the 30th June. It wouldn’t surprise me if a fair amount of the current WIN News staff / crew join Southern Cross, especially if SC re-establishes it’s news service.


That could actually be a good way for WIN to say '“Exclusive”.

So WIN News won’t be tweaked to look more like a Ten News Service? Oh well, I wish luck to all those affected.


It was just something that I quickly made. Wasn’t really meant to be taken too seriously. No one knows at this stage what is going to happen to the WIN & Southern Cross News services after June 30, so how can we tweak it to something like Ten Eyewitness News anyway…


Oh is that photoshopped with someone from WIN? My bad, it fooled me :stuck_out_tongue:

I had meant Presentation wise. WIN current branding is heavily influenced by Nine’s, so it will be interesting if Ten’s elements will be in play just as it has been with Nine.

We now resume our regular Tongue-In-Cheek Mocks… :stuck_out_tongue:


It appears that Win is testing out Ten’s presentation. It looks like that they covered Ten’s logo and numeral object and replaced it with the WIN logo! And also, they made a new narcissistic slogan.




Shame the deal with Nine and Southern Cross didn’t include Tassie…could have seen the return of…


Possible watermarks of WIN-Ten.


2nd one is interesting. I guess WIN may choose to not keep anything that might look like nine branding.