*Sigh, that “tribe has spoken” reference to Survivor sounds so cheap and tacky. It would be like Nine saying “block it in, Millionaire Hot Seat is back” for new episodes of Hot Seat. :roll_eyes:


Perhaps the survey was done the same way as the show format, the show coming back for another season being the answer accepted because it was the least popular? Especially when you use ratings as a basis :smiley:

In all seriousness, i’ve watched a few episodes of Pointless on 10 Play and have enjoyed it. I do like obscure trivia so that’s probably why. Far better than Family Feud.


It’s also a reference to the first round which was TV Catchphrases



Pointless has been axed.


I’m guessing Celebrity Name Game will take the 6pm slot which makes me think Ten had given up on Pointless when they acquired the CNG format rights.


I imagine that would be a more expensive show to produce because they have to pay the celebrities to appear, so would be surprised if it was in a 6pm slot.

I wonder if the ABC would be interested in saving Pointless. Seems better suited there.


Do they have different celebrities every episode? They could just rotate between a few.

Putting Grant back in the slot is probably a good idea. CNG is certainly more appealing to 10’s audience then Pointless I would think.


I am devestated. I really enjoy pointless when I get the chance to watch it. Come on 10 commission Come Dine With Me Australia. A completely different take on game show.


The celebs will probably be people that are on the books with Ten. I guess the type that appears on shows like The Project, HYBPA, Studio 10 or other Ten shows would make it cheap for them to do. Plus they could easily film multiple episodes in a day with the same celebs.

I think it would be better placed on the ABC. I always hated Ten’s version but I’ve watched an episode of the British version on ABC and enjoyed it more. The show seems more suited there and better fits the hour format.


Was to be expected. I can’t see CNG doing any better figures if it is to be in the 6pm timeslot.

I’m biased but I would happily take Family Feud back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .
I’m sure they have learnt their lesson but don’t do any All-star or Sunday versions; just keep it to 5 nights a week.


Move Neighbours to 6pm on 10


Simpsons at 6pm will surely get the ratings up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Celeb Name Game is only a short-run 12 episode filler show that I suspect might even be 60-min.

Weren’t Ten considering a Sale of the Century reboot late last year?


Ten actually axed something.

Now to bring back Simpsons.



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Took longer than expected but thank god. It was crap. Bring back FF or something similar I say


Flip Neighbours to 6pm on 10, Pointless to 6.30pm on Peach.


If a show is filmed in advance, you don’t just yank it off screen and waste weeks worth of episodes. They may have decided to stop producing more new episodes right now and that’s what’s leaked out.