Didn’t they do the same with Family Feud? 10 hasn’t officially announced its ‘axing’ perhaps they will go down the same line as the Family Feud axing so it doesn’t turn viewers off tuning in.

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… and know your freaking audience. Pointless was always going to be an odd fit for Ten no matter how good the hosts were. Far too cerebral for viewers who were accustomed to the brain numbing content (Feud/Simpsons etc.) they’ve had in that slot over the years.


Yeah but I don’t think the hosts were the issue. And I actually really enjoyed the show. I thought it was great. But probably wasn’t a 10 show.


TV Tonight article says it is only a rumour with 10 declining to comment and say it has been axed

10 declining to comment .


The article also makes note of its ratings consistently being under 200k which is not sustainable for the 6pm slot on a commercial primary channel.


Lols win had it on win peach which wouldnt have helped either


Well no, given WIN’s figures don’t contribute to the metro ratings.


Well Seven has the rights so that won’t be happening…


no but it would contribute to the over all figures tens and wins combined


National figures are largely irrelevant unless the metro station is handling ad sales for their affiliate/s



Has Pointless been axed or not?


I would say, internally they have made the decision to not renew it. Filming may continue to a certain date. But after that, it’ll be gone.