I love the show, and this may seem stupid, but I do find the set too dark and I wonder if people don’t find it welcoming. The black can be pretty overwhelming.


I guess it comes down to whether people want something easy or something with a bit of a challenge at 6pm


watching Mark Ferguson on Channel 7 Sydney?


I totally agree. Same situation in my household.


Yeah, and I think most people want something easy. Its the end of the day, time to unwind, If they wanted Serious they would watch the 6pm news. FF was light hearted fun that the family could all enjoy.


Have to agree with Travis, the ratings decay shows people are unable to play along with Pointless.



I have never seen a production company desperate for studio audience.


Tickets for the entire season of HYBPA seem to be all gone within minutes.


You’re clearly not on the mailing list for The Weekly, that is always desperate for audience.


Literally every show recorded in front of an audience would be desperate for people to show up.


As long as the audience don’t scream out the answers in unison and look childish. Was one of the worst parts about Family Feud. I know 10 skews young but that kind of atmosphere is just childish.

Plus Denyer hosting is a big no. He’s too grating and OTT. Maybe Mark Humphries would’ve been a better host.


Part of the Family Feud bible isn’t it to have those answers yelled out? Agree though, very cheesy and added to the lameness.



You’d be howled down on the socials for daring to speak ill of our beloved FF and Grant.


Better than being eaten alive by a real lion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


New episodes return tomorrow night.


Were they showing repeats?





Is this show cheap to make for the ratings it gets?