Looks like Channel Ten might be launching it’s own version of Pointless. I wonder whether this will be a once a week show or whether they will slot this in to replace Family Feud at 6pm.



Maybe just for Sunday nights. I’ve tried watching this a few times and the concept just freaks me out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love this show so glad an Aussie one is being made


Interesting that the casting link doesn’t give as much information away as that poster does:


The British Version of the Show airs on ABC and UKTV, Finally a Version of the Show Produced Outside Europe and Channel Ten’s Making it Happen.

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I’ve never seen it. The synopsis on wiki sounds like Family Feud, but you want the lowest response rate answers instead of the highest?

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Thats exactly what it is.

Should poach Broughy to host it

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What makes the original work (IMO) is the banter of Xander and Richard plus applying the simple concept “less is more”. I can see Ten cramming in annoying background “thinking” music (commercial networks seem terrified of silence), and making it loud and manic. Hopefully I’m wrong.



Would this be weeknights or weekly?

It airs against The Chase five days a week in Britain


To me it seems obvious that this will be at 6pm and TEN will not rejig their lineup whatsoever.

Watching the UK version online…looks so boring IMO

Do you really rekon they will put it on at 6pm every night and squeeze that lemon too much? I doubt it.

The UK version is broadcast on the ABC and it’s very popular here from what I understand. My parents watch it every day.

I just hope that Ten sticks very closely to the British format and have decent talent hosting (i.e. someone with a few brains). And the UK version had better not be taken off the air.

Maybe up the cash prizes from 50 cents to something fairly decent, but that’s all I’d change.

The way that The Chase was adapted to Australian TV (keeping very similar graphics and set) was very good and I think it’s much better for it.

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Who can we picture taking the roles of Xander and Richard?

I hope Ten bring in two older faces to host and keep Denyer right away from this one.

Someone like Jonathon Coleman/Red Symons mixed in with an Adam Spencer or Dr Karl type might attract some much needed older fans to the Ten Network and would be a bit of fun.

Do they only want old codgers to watch though? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Given Grant’s comments about being a game show host, I think it’s pretty safe to say he will have different opportunities with the network.