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Bad news for Nine with the upcoming dead rubber between the Aussies and the Windies set to be hampered by rain on all 5 days. Looks like a frustrating stop-start test.

For one thing, it’s a blessing for the Windies as they won’t have to cop yet another flogging from Australia! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

9Gem has been showing highlights of the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic (held around Geelong and Melbourne) at late nights in the lead-up to its live coverage of Tour Down Under.

Is it my eyes or has Nine already started with the pink graphics on the Sydnet Test coverage? I thought that was Jane McGrath day (Day 3) only.

Nine were using pink coloured graphics in the promos for the Sydney Test!

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Nine have used pink graphics for the whole of the test since 2014.

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The Cricket Show didn’t get the pink graphics memo

Rain at the cricket. Random episode of Party of Five as filler…

Surely they can show some old Windies classics, considering the commentators talk about them all the time.

We’re getting Mornings Summer Edition in Brisbane/QLD

9 must have seen your post. Now got the Windies 92/93 highlights

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Fast Four Tennis will be shown on Eurosport this year unlike last year when jt was shown on 9

Pretty sure it will be on Seven as well. Saw a promo for it a few days ago

Oh these pink graphics are ridiculous. Visually ugly and hard to read. I didn’t know they’re now being used for the whole test match.

The McGrath thing has to come to an end too.

Why does the McGrath thing have to end?! The public are behind it, the players are behind, cricket is behind it, and yes nine are behind it! It is awesome awareness for a cause that is helping so many Australians during a difficult time. Breast cancer is horrible mate and any way in which people are able to donate and made a aware of what is going on in the community by groups like the McGrath foundation is awesome!!!

As seriously you are whinging about pink in the graphics for one test? OMG!!! It is awesome how a network, sponsors, players and the crowd get behind it! It wouldn’t be a cheap exercise for commbank or others to change there colour for one test! Brand and brand colours is what set businesses apart.

Seriously dude - what the McGrath foundation has done for families around Australia is huge and needs to continue so families keep getting the support!!


People are confusing the legitimacy of a charity, with my opinion of the broadcasting of sports.

Awesome awareness…cause…helping Australians…difficult time. Breast cancer horrible…donations…community groups…awesome…what has been done for families…huge…support.

All totally meaningless in the context of this thread.

Why not have a blue prostate cancer test in Melbourne? Why not have a purple themed week of the Today Show raising awareness of pancreatic cancer? Why not have a leukemia round in the AFL?

I mean, after all: awesome awareness…cause…helping Australians…difficult time. Cancer horrible…donations…community groups…awesome…what has been done for families…huge…support.


Gee did you get out the wrong side of the bed today!! It’s one test that is making a massive difference to families across this great country of ours and is well supported by the nine network and sponsors of cricket!! If you don’t like what they have done - easy don’t watch it!!!

I congratulate nine and wwos in dressing in pink and showing massive support to McGrath foundation!!! Cricket cares!! It seems you don’t - easy don’t watch!!

Yeah. It must have been a real tough one for Commonwealth Bank to decide whether to part with some of their 9 billion dollar profit to change their logo to pink.

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Yup. ‘nine and wwos’ care about cancer because they wear pink. I apparently don’t care about cancer because I increasingly find the on-air shenanigans of grown men chortling that they’re in pink each year, inane.

Anyway, back to broadcasting - including those pink graphics.

Yeah and if you don’t like the pink graphics for one game don’t watch it and instead listen to abc grandstand in which you won’t see any pink graphics!! OMG!

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