Agree. It was ridiculous that so many people tried to get it banned based off just the trailer. After that ending surely there has to be a 2nd season.


I’m about to watch 13 Reasons Why Season 2 , is it as good as Season 1 ?


I liked it because it explored the other characters in more depth. But be warned there is a scene in the final episode that’s even more graphic than the suicide scene in season 1.


I personally loved Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why. Some great story lines and it really does explore and provide more depth to a lot of the characters. I’m looking forward to Season 3.






The Expanse a Netflix Original is expiring on the 30th of this month.



yessssss hngggg just finished the show and it was pretty good. main character looks a whole lot like Scherri Lee from 9 Perth lmao


Controversial Netflix series renewed
DESPITE being slammed by viewers and critics alike, Netflix have renewed Insatiable for a second season — and people aren’t happy.


maybe I’m on the wrong side of this, but have you watched the series?

also I think this is just another piece where the journo has pulled shit off twitter and not watched the show.
like the body image issue is deeply explored and as well as normalising other previously taboo subjects (not gonna spoil it).

it’s a fun lil show that normalises issues that other shows are too scared to talk about



Actually season 1 has an 88% rating from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. The majority of people who are angry have not even seen the show and are trying to portray the show as something that it’s not.


Yeah I watched it quite quickly and enjoyed it , no idea what all the fuss was about. Just found that article.



Netflix has secured international rights (outside UK and Ireland but includes China) for BBC drama Bodyguard, which has been attracting high ratings and critical acclaim in the UK. Bodyguard will be available on October 24. Deadline reports the deal for Bodyguard, produced by World Productions, an ITV Studios company, was made through Netflix’s co-licensing team. The digital platform has been a partner since the show’s early production stages.



Netflix has given a 20-episode order to comedy No Good Nick.