Anne with an E has been renewed.


The first season was terrific but the second season was terrible, straying way too far from the simple story in the books of island life in Canada. I will not be watching season three.


Season 2 debuts on Netflix 7 September 2018 (USA time)



Not surprised… Netflix doesn’t seem to understand how to market original programming that is released weekly and not all at once. Not to mention there was no buzz online about either of these shows whatsoever.

Also, can’t help this is the sign of the beginning of the cable-fication of streaming services… first it’ll be promoting original programming between episodes. Next it’ll be “subscribe to a premium tier to get no ads”. Next it’ll be regular commercials between episodes… it’s such a slippery slope, but one that is inevitable within the streaming market.


Weird how they cancelled that but they got a talk show with Norm Mc Donald coming as well as others…

Sounds like they are trying to see what works…

A new season of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is in the works, as are new shows from Hasan Minhaj and Norm Macdonald.


Darn I quite liked The Joel McHale show.

Does anyone know if Thor:Ragnorok is coming to Australian Netflix?


More changes at Netflix


Good. These days most people just use reviews to spread hate for a show and its actors.




Lol can’t believe they made a second season .




Second one says not available.


It’s for New Zealand members.


Looking forward to Bojack (finally!) and Norm has a show.


Netflix has revealed five new shows: The Final Table, Death by Magic by British magician Drummond Money-Coutts, British football documentary Sunderland Till I Die, Irish all-action comedy game show Flinch, and Derren Brown: Sacrifice.


Ultimate Beastmaster will be released on Netflix on Friday. Dannii Minogue and Nick Cummins are the commentators for Australia.

All through the story The Daily Mail refers to the show as Beatmaster!!


And this stuff up:

She has since appeared as an actress on Neighbours

She was on Home and Away.


That Insatiable show… the last episode is so dark and unexpected. Definitely don’t judge the show by the trailer .