GEO Blocked to New Zealand viewers


Isn’t it ironic that a promo aimed at NZ viewers is geoblocked to them?


Geo-Blocked, (restricting viewing) to New Zealand audiences…


Seems to be blocked for me too and I’m in Queensland. Says “Video unavailable”.


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on Netflix in NZ in October





Twitter is reacting to the 3rd season premiere of The Good Place available on Netflix that is partially set in Australia where the locals have the worst fake accents.

Not sure if this has been picked up yet, but someone in props has found a load of Australian confectionery, some Bundaberg Beer brand soft drinks and you can also buy jars of Vegemite with your coffee.

Always helps to set the scene with an Aussie flag and Aboriginal artwork.


Baby 30 November


Not actually beer, it’s Bundaberg Ginger Beer. And it is the absolute best ginger beer. :smiley:


Great advertisement for Darrell Lea confectionery too.


At least there’s an espresso machine there and not a percolator or american style coffee urn, that shows you they’re at least trying to be accurate past the props.


That looks like a foreign version of Skins perhaps? Description online says “Inspired by a true story, this series follows a group of Roman teenagers as they defy society in their search for identity and independence.”

Edit wtf::open_mouth:

The true story of a prostitution ring with high school students from Rome’s upscale Parioli neighborhood will become a television series to air on Netflix, the company has announced.


At least 70 percent of what was added today is Indian stuff… :frowning:


What’s wrong with appealing to Australia’s large Indian community?


Nothing ,but this is the first time ever they have added mainly all this type of stuff on the first day of the month.

Would be nice to have variety,.

Feels like they are just doing it to fill the/pad out the catalogue, now up to just over 5000 titles.


Nothing but I doubt that many Indians would be subscribed to Netflix to justify the majority of the content being added to be of Indian origin.