Future of regional affiliate branding

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I think though by the end of the year, the likes of Prime7, Southern Cross Ten, GWN7, WIN, 9NBN, Southern Cross Television, etc. will no longer be with us.


I don’t know about that soon, but I do think that unique regional TV branding will be gone within five years and a fascinating historical novelty in ten years.

If the parent is then purchased by someone else…what incentive would there be to keep a name around?

ie. If SCA decide to sell their TV licenses only to Network Ten or Seven Network, then there would not be a reason to be called Southern Cross Ten or Southern Cross Television.

Why would this need to stick around beyond the time these licenses are purchased? There is no brand recognition in the Southern Cross brand except for areas with Southern Cross Television.

[quote=“AlanCramer, post:172, topic:208”]
There is no brand recognition in the Southern Cross brand except for areas with Southern Cross Television.
[/quote]This is true. Most people in Southern Cross Ten areas just call in “Ten” anyway.
I might be different in SCTV areas where the Southern Cross brand is used on it’s own, and 7 branding is more minimal.

I tend to agree. With the abolition of the reach rule, I dare say all the regional and metro broadcasters will merge and the above will be a thing of the past.

I’m looking forward to when that happens to be honest.


Definitely more people in Tas refer to it as Southern Cross than Channel 7. Many of those who call it Channel 7 are ex-mainlanders too so that’s why they do it. We also have a lot of people who call it TDT too instead of Ten despite the only TDT branding being the noodle news updates.

How will it affect ten Darwin, ten Tasmania, ten Mildura and ten west? Will it be swallowed up by the ten network?

What name do they use in the EPG?

Not as common anymore, but you do hear Canberrans still referring to SC Ten as “Capital”

Seven seems to have overtaken Prime in terms of usage though.

Any Darwin-ites still talking about Channel 8? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to agree with the comments regarding people just saying “Ten” instead of “Southern Cross Ten”…

In fact, the only time I ever hear anyone say “Southern Cross Ten” is during their cross-promotion on SCA run radio stations. Everyone else just says “Ten”.

Also, because we already have “channel 7” and “channel 10”, pretty much everyone says “channel 9” instead of “WIN” in my part of QLD anyway, so it really won’t be much of a transition when the metro networks take over in this part of the world I don’t think.

When I lived in Rockhampton, I heard the locals who lived there a long time refer to RTQ as “WIN”. I haven’t met anyone who still refers to RTQ by ‘Channel 7’ though!

I think as long as there is still a ‘local news bulletin’ for the community and a sense of relevance, a branding change won’t be as painful as becoming just a glorified retransmitter of the metro stations.

Interesting times ahead for sure.

Thanks for the lol…reminded me of CNNNNN. But Chasers are for another topic.

When living in Orange NSW, I heard a few oldies say “CBN” as opposed to Prime. But I think the good majority of people would refer to the regional networks as 7, 9 or 10. I know many of my friends in Townsville referred to and still refer to them as 7, 9 and 10.

I agree… retention of local news will be the key to any branding changes.

TDT or Tasmanian Digital Television.

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I figured out the only way for a second affiliate swap to happen is for SCA to become a Seven affiliate in the affected regions (prior, WIN and SCA would decide to add two years to their current affiliation deals) so the Nine News bulletins would survive.

Nightly News > 7 Canberra anyone?

How would this work? Who would Prime/GWN be affiliated with?

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They would be affiliated with sca then in then would be just be called 7

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I am surprised Nine and SCA havent tried doing a swap NBN and NNSW for SCA9 Canberra and SNSW (formerly CTC7 and SNSW)

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You’d probably see either SCA buy NBN or Nine buy SCA’s 9 stations (TNQ, CTC, GLV/BCV), and either Seven or Prime acquiring the 7 stations (TNT, GTS/BKN, QQQ/ITQ, TND) rather than a swap.

Having said that, I’d like to see someone new come in and refresh the regional TV sector, putting new impetus into appropriate local and regional content and work with the networks to ensure it’s properly carried out and funded - as in, reduce the amount they pay to the networks and allow time for opting out of the network schedule.

But I can’t see that happening because Australian television is run by fuckwits.

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