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Ghostbusters on Seven in 21:9

Seems like more and more movies on FTA are getting the 21:9 treatment

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I posted something about this in the thread for “The Family Law” but I was thinking I might get a better response here. I noticed this show was in a letterbox presentation on my 16:9 screen. I’m assuming it is being filmed in 21:9 in anticipation of even wider screens in the future???

The networks have screened movies in this format before. I have also noticed a lot of music film clips have recently started recording and screening in this wider screen presentation but never a TV show before now. Is this first Australian TV series to be shot in 21:9?

Is it happening anywhere else in the world? I recently learnt that they had filmed the old The X Files in 16:9 but screened it in 4:3 back then. Are they possibly filming other series in 21:9 for the future but screening them in 16:9 to avoid the letterbox effect?

Considering that it’s only really been in the current decade that 16.9 screens have overtaken 4.3 ones as the universal standard, I think that it would be at least 20 years before 21.9 takes over.

Although in any case, I thought that 21.9 was mainly an aspect ratio for movies and also music videos as you pointed out.

For the early adopters :slightly_smiling:

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For the early adopters[/quote]
Thanks for that link. I’ve seen those massively expensive curved screens in some of the showrooms. JB HiFi, I think it was. Didn’t pay attention to whether they were 21:9. I’ll take a closer look next time.

Channel 4 has produced a few series in 2.35 : 1 ratio. New Worlds was one.

I noticed that in the Brisbane area, the frequencies that were previously TV channels before the restack 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 are now reading 100% signal strength for some sort of broadcast. 66 also have something but at 50-60% and 60 at a lower strength, possibly overspill from 61 and 65.

After the restack, channels above UHF-51 were sold off to mobile operators. The signals you are seeing are probably 4G/LTE signals.


TV.Cynic, those signals you are receiving there, are 4G/LTE signals.

The can cause all sorts of problems in some situations, being that all older TV’s & antennas were designed to receive those frequencies.

Some of the new UHF antennas are only designed to go to channel 51, & they also have built in low pass filters, to filter out anything above channel 51.

Inline 4G/LTE Low Pass filters are available for installation into older antenna systems, or for if the UHF antenna doesn’t have one built in.

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Thanks for the replies. I was pretty sure it was 4G signals. Seems to have been a recent development in this area. In anticipation of this I had previously changed masthead amps for TV and FM to ones with 4G block. I had checked last year for UHF antennas 28-51 as I thought the gain would be higher for the same size 28-69 but at the time got a negative response.

Worth looking again?

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I am in the process of refurbishing my antenna installation. I have an old high gain (lots of elements) log periodic that covers channels 0-69 that should probably be replaced. I use it feed multiple outlets for TV and FM radio (but not for FM DXing!).

Can anyone recommend a high gain replacement that covers Bands II, III and IV?

I didn’t think there was such a thing as a “high gain” antenna that covered ALL of 0-69?

I thought to get high gain across all TV bands, you needed 2 antennas. …
1 for VHF 6-12 (Band III) and 1 that would cover Band IV/V being 28-69 (or nowadays up,to 51).

Do a Google image search for “deep fringe antenna” - that’s the type I am talking about.

Looks roughly like this

Ah ok, I was thinking something like this


Was looking for a longer version of the above.


Any idea what is going on…please move this if it isn’t in the correct thread.

We had the antenna replaced with a filter etc and live in regional Qld. We are in a weak signal area. It has a masthead amplifier (somewhere in the roof not on the actual antenna).

It was all working fine for a month or so and today onwards no signals except for the ABC suite of multichannels. Win, GEM and GO! are saying no signal or they try to come up and it is a pixellated mess that can’t show anything. So really only can see the ABC !

Thinking perhaps it could be the Kingray Power Injector that plugs into the wall behind the tv ? Or the box in the roof ?

The antenna is picking up the signal from 64km away somewhere south of Rockhampton called Mt Hopeful.

The easier parts to look at are the parts inside the house near the TV. I would try to work out if one of the cables or the plugs at either end have a bad connection.

Check the coaxial cable from the TV to the power injector - unplug it and plug in again (both ends) and move the plugs at each end around a bit while the signal strength screen is showing to see if it fluctuates. Then check the cable from the power injector to the was wall socket and do the same thing (making a few assumptions about the set up here!)

Also try to see if the power amp for the injector is warm. Just some initial thoughts. Trying to check other parts would probably need a service call.

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Has 4GX been turned on in your area? Maybe 4G signals on the old TV spectrum are coming in and swamping your masthead amp. You may need a special filter to remove them.

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