Seven classified “A Christmas Story” (1983) tonight on 7flix as “G”.

Now, a few instances I’m questioning.

•“Son of a bitch” by the kid Ralphie.
•“Smartarse” by one of the kids.
•A promiscuous lamp shade.
•A prolonged fight between Ralphie and a bully, which resulted in many rather impactful punches to the face and clear blood trail on the bully’s face.

In particular the last point, I’d argue that certainly exceeds “very mild” in impact.

Many movies / programs are given “PG” with “Mild Violence” for exactly that.

Now, unless the Classification Board gave it “G” post the 1993 new system, than I’d say Seven haven’t really done their job by reviewing the content and just slapped it with a “G”.

Also, given its Christmas and the classification, many young children may have been watching, possibly without parental guidance as well.


Someone’s been in daddy’s liquor cabinet again




Not to worry, here’s a sneak peek at next year’s A Christmas Story airing on 7flix.


I think the G classification has changed with the times. In Aussie children’s series they have stories and themes that wouldn’t have passed a few years ago. Dance Academy had stories about sex and protection while Mustangs FC talked about team members having their periods in sync. Both series also had openly gay characters talking about relationships which wouldn’t have happened on a G show in the past.

Neither has featured a promiscuous lamp though. :joy:


Something I haven’t seen before.

Seven’s classification (for the uncut version - it was cut for its main channel premiere) for “Vacation” (2015) on 7flix tonight, was MA15+ with Some Coarse Language, Sexual References & Some Nudity.

The language and nudity (I’m pretty sure) refer entirely to just the end credits. So if Seven cut the end credits, as they 99% of the time do for movies, what was the point?

So yeah, never seen a classification before, where most of it was just for one photo / a song during the end credits!

Actually, now I think of it, “The Hangover” got R18+ due to an explicit photo or two during end credits. But still, extremely rare.


Slightly different, but the odd movie, can’t think which ones, have had a higher classification on DVD than the cinema release due to the extras on the disc.


Very true.



Just checked, nup, Seven cut Vacation’s end credits (which included a photo of a penis and a song with non-stop “mother fu*ker” expletive).

So what was the “Some Coarse Language & Some Nudity” at the MA-level for?

I’d say Seven’s classification team viewed the untouched copy and classified it as such, before Seven’s broadcast team removed the credits?

Last scene jumped to this:


I’m just watching “Vacation” on 7Flix QLD now, and there were clearly multiple breasts shown in full just now… I’m sure that’s the “Nudity” component.
One of the characters just said “go fuck yourself”, so I’m sure that’s the coarse language part.


They’re absolutely not at the MA-level (strong in impact) though.

That’s M-level.

“Fu*k” and breasts can be used / seen a number of times at M.

(The aforementioned MA-level consumer advice, would be for the components in the end credits that I mentioned - which are indeed at the MA-level).


The Good Doctor being encored on Ch 7 at midday this week.

Cut to “PG” with Medical Producers (down from “M”).

The operating scenes I believe have been edited.

Due to school holidays.



I’m sorry, not sure why you would expect Ten, who lost the show months ago, to help a commercial rival over classification??


Fair enough.

I believe Seven, Nine & Ten’s classification departments do consult from time to time though. Particularly about comprehension of the code, etc. So there’s relatively even understanding across the board.

Nine’s chief classifier Richard Lyle has an organisation “Media Classifiers Australia” or something.


From an industry perspective for lobbying governing organisations, sure. I’d be stunned if that extended to individual shows.


“The Boy Next Door” (2015) is classified “MA15+” uncut. It is scheduled for Perth at 8:30pm local time. MA films can only be broadcast from 9pm. Hence Seven had to cut to “M”. Other markets have it scheduled well after 9pm, should remain given another tennis match on now. You live in WA don’t you? Check your EPG for the movie, it should say “M”. Whereas my EPG says “MA15+”.


Yep looks like it.




Spoke to my bud who runs the YouTube channel “Australia TV & Movie Censorship”.

He already had Seven’s cut (M) version recorded, they:

•Completely removed the first sex scene.
•Edited out most of the second sex scene.
•Removed the ‘C word’.
•Edited out most of the shots with a needle in a man’s eye and an eye gouge, during the final fight scene.


continuing in appropriate thread

Films, no. Any other programming, yes.

Not sure why people are finding this difficult to understand. However if you genuinely weren’t aware of this clause in the Code, then my apologies.

ACMA is the federal government statutory organisation, acting as the ‘watchdog’ for communications and media (broadcasting, radio, et al.) So not sure why you think there was a specific stipulation for South Australia anyway?