Off topic, but within context of a few posts

I’ll regualrly find a FTA movie on a weekend when there’s nothing else on.

Often a movie I may not have even heard about before or one I’ve wanted to see but never have.

Ads don’t bother me too much, though I guess depends on how many and the film run time.

Not everybody wants to clog up their house with DVDs, devices with digital copies or pirate (no matter the convenience nor cheaper prices) :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally signed up to Netflix last week … it, SBS On Demand movies, Crackle (US version), Fetch movies, and Pluto TV gives me a wide selection of recent and classic movies, all in their original versions - there’s no censorship.


Revenge of the Sith is the latest film to suffer censorship.

Order 66 with the Jedi being shot and killed was fine, the massacre of the separatist forces was fine, with people cut down by Anakin’s saber. However, Anakin catching fire (originally a reasonably tame scene) was slashed:

Obi-Wan says he loved Anakin like a brother; cut to Anakin’s pained face (flames in background); cut to next scene. :expressionless:

Operating on Anakin and the birthing scenes were also altered to remove their screams of pain (but apparently Anakin’s charred remains are completely fine?).

Sadly nothing was done to remove the cheesy dialogue from the rest of the film.


Good pick-up and correct.

The film is classified “M” in its uncut state and Seven aired it 7pm, hence needed to be modified under the code.

People on fire is never allowed at the “PG” level.

3 weeks ago - “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984), removed the man who’s heart was taken out, catching fire as he’s lowered into the fire pit + countless other movies from all networks over the years.

IMO, I also think a person catching fire (especially if they’re screaming/thrashing/prolonged) is violence that is “moderate” in viewing impact and hence firmly puts it at the M-level.

Annoying, yes. Justified, more than likely :+1:

It was the only Star Wars to be given an M classification


Something rather bizarre.

Seven seem to have re-edited “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984) as seen on 7mate tonight.

It was a cut “PG” version, like a few Saturdays ago on Channel 7, but with completely different edits (yet last week’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on 7mate was still the exact same)?

Which makes me think:

•Somebody complained?
•Or network classifiers were advised by someone their editing wasn’t strong enough?
•Or an older copy was accidently broadcast?
•Or some new experiment/approach?

Tonight completely removed the ‘heart scene’, edited a scene of Indy drinking blood, an edit to him anr Short Round getting whipped, as well as en edit of Molar Ram hitting rocks when falling into croc infested river & completely removed a villian hitting a fan.

Where as these were the edits from a few weeks ago:


Interesting network premieres…

Ten have already edited Con Air different to Seven (have to air a cut version, due to MA15+ films not allowed at 8:30pm) (e.g.) violent scenes selected and/or edited differently.

Seven have also edited Me, Myself & Irene (currently on 7flix) different to when Ten recently aired it (e.g.) Ten removed a number of “motherfucks” but Seven have retained them, yet removed some sexual dialogue.

Nice to see networks can’t be at least similar in classifying :roll_eyes:


Says who? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, there’s plenty of legal alternatives out there. Doesn’t have to be illegal, you know. :wink:

Yet, when they realise all this they do what is common practice these days and ‘take to social media’ and get all outraged. Makes sense. :expressionless:


First time I’ve ever seen this happen…

Finally got around to watching all of “Once Upon A Time In America” (1984), after recording ONE’s broadcast the other week (it was also on back in February, when last discussed). A reminder, one of the longest movies ever made, with a TV run time of 4hrs and 15min (9pm to 1:15am).

Of the few edits made, arguably the most graphic scene was the rape scene in the car (there were two, so I’ve attached an image of the one in question below).

Ten muted the audio, literally abruptly went silent, for about ~20sec (woman screaming). A few shots were also removed.

The film uncut was given an R18+ classification, purely for this scene, as well as a very graphic beating at the start (edited), there was also a man shot very graphically in the eye (not edited) and another rape (edited).

In the car scene, why didn’t Ten just remove it completely or cut that section? Muting the sound was one of the most bizzare and awkward viewing ever.


That’s an interesting way to edit a movie.
Surely muting it for 20 seconds doesn’t truly qualify as a way to bring the rating down from R18+?


Part of me wonders if it was actually muted or if it was coincidence (would never know as LukeMovieMan was probably the only person watching).
Not to mention plenty of content out there has R18+ ACB classification but MA15+ TV classifications.


Some US cable productions are a good example, MA 15+ original broadcast on Foxtel, R18 + on DVD.


It sure is and I agree, haven’t seen it before.

Absolutely no coincidence, an edit by Ten.

A mate who I regularly communicate with about TV, also recorded it and confirmed the exact same. Also agreed it’d have been better to just remove the scene.

It is a very hard scene to watch.

And in your latter paragraph, SBS don’t seem to edit R18+ films prior to ~1993 (when the G/PG/M/MA/R system came into effect, updated in 2005).

Seven, Nine & Ten absolutely, unequivocally always make at least one edit to an R18+ film (they have to).


Tonight’s episode of Instant Hotel is rated M for sexual references (it’s related to the decoration style of the Bondi apartment). I think it’s the first time a Seven multiple night reality show is rated for mature audiences.


So what word/phrase/sentence(s) was said, which constituted a sexual references, that was deemed “moderate in impact” (i.e.) “recommended for mature audiences” and therefore not really suitable for chikdren?


It was not what word was said but the personal taste of the hosts (Babe and Bondi). Some examples: photos of Barbie and Ken dolls frolicking are hung throughout the apartment, one of the bedrooms has a Fifty Shades of Grey theme, and there was a topless male bartender invited by the hosts to the cocktail night.


Oh dear :disappointed:

Family friendly indeed!


Forgot to mention it, but as of a couple of weeks ago, Seven’s midday movies are now “G” and “PG” only.

Enacting the “school holidays” clause in the ACMA Code.

Whilst technically most state school holidays don’t officially commence until early-mid December, I guess Seven figures with so many schools finishing as staggered times across Australia (Year 12s - even though majority will be 18 and private schools, etc) it was best to do it now?

Most are made-for-tv Christmas or family films.


What is with Foxtel’s classifications?

I watched a programme the other day that was rated MA15+. No idea why, as they even bleeped out the few occasions of swearing.

Meanwhile I’ve seen the exact same programme on FTA rated PG.


It’s a giggle game, they just select a random classification for each program :wink:

An absolute joke


It’s easier for Foxtel to blanket rate a series MA15+ if they can’t be bothered going through each individual episode to classify it. Same reason channels like [V] are rated MA15+ 24/7 - means they can just put basically any music video they want in.