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This is the latest 6 News bulletin - and also the longest I’ve ever done!

Since my appearances on Ticker, 10, 9 and FOX FM, I’ve been able to get 3 other reporters to join (all of them approaching me) - Darby Travers, Lincoln Holmes & Jarrad Taylor.

None of this would be possible without the amazing support, ideas and feedback I get from all of you here on MS.

Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


i think darby might need a mic he sounds a bit like hes underwaterish or a mic like yours leo others wise once again great work:D


Yeah we are working on the sound of all reports - including mine! I’m going to add lapel mic with bluetooth as the current one doesn’t seem to work.


can i also make a suggestion of including regional vic if you can??? i noticed no mention of the pm heads here in ballarat get grafitied


Yeah mate of course - that actually happened after I filmed the bulletin - I’ll try and include it on the socials - and if you have any stories remember you can DM me!


of course:)

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Hope you guys can tune in to Remarkable Influencers on Ticker this Tuesday!


I think @Puggo19 has a jumpstart (no pun intended) on Ticker’s breakfast show by actually being known by what seems like at least half of Melbourne’s media industry and even attending at least one press conference.

Hopefully at some point in the future we’ll be able to say that 6 News was the platform Leonardo Pugliski developed his talents in before moving onto bigger things.

In some ways I envy the opportunities that are available now that weren’t there when I was 12-13, but I’m fine with being a media commentator here and elsewhere online.

Perhaps one day a golden opportunity to be involved in something special will come up, but that is yet to arrive.


Thanks so much @SydneyCityTV - I’m in regular contact with Ahron so I know a fair bit about Ticker when it comes to their behind-the-scenes work!


Can’t thank the plenty of people on here enough for your ongoing support of 6 News…today we passed 1000 subscribers on YouTube! Hope you can join us this Sunday, where we will show you something very special!

And also today my 6 News mug arrived!


Got the mug, that makes you legit. Top job.


Thank you!

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Hey guys - in latest bulletin, which aired just a short time ago, 6 News received our first major relaunch after many months on-air. We wanted to make them not only easy to produce, but also easier on the eye - going with a simple blue & white colour scheme for our lower thirds.

By complete coincidence it was also our longest ever bulletin - with many of the stories you’ll see, including the return of Stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne & the Mitchell Shire & the NSW-Victoria Border Closure, all written and produced at the last minute.

In this bulletin, not only do we have special coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but also I’m also joined LIVE by 4 guests, as well as 3 of our very own reporters.

Those guests are the following:
Jackson Gosnell - US Correspondent for Ticker;
Grainger Lee - a resident from Tallangatta, just near Wodonga on the NSW/VIC border;
Daniel Pizarro - a.k.a. @DJPizarro;
And Jake Challenor - host of ‘Inside Entertainment’ on Ticker.

As I mentioned, this is our longest bulletin yet - but I can assure you, we have plenty more to come! (including a bunch of interviews with politicians)

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


I watched the whole bulletin mate, well done.

Everything is improving, your delivery in particular - but I’d slow down a little during the headlines.

Some of the audio was a little ordinary, I assume that’s why you cut the 2GB story short and the last report had far too much wind to be audible.

Overall a really impressive effort, loved the not so subtle sips from your new 6 News mug too :joy:

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Thanks mate - one thing you can probably see with the headlines I have to say it all before the theme music ends - however I have found a longer variant which I will now use.

And you weren’t the only one that noticed the mug :laughing:

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Great work mate, although to be the graphics seem like a major downgrade.

Shan’t you be using a different theme, other than The Mission, you might be at risk of being sued, copyright claims etc. Great stuff though!


Well I have been on Seven - so they are fine with it right now - although once YouTube ads start appearing I will change it.

Oh damn. Can I ask why you think that? Would like some honest feedback.

Compared to this:

Bottom one is much more professional-looking, whereas the top one reminds me of the 9 News Darwin opt-outs and community television (especially the way they transition).

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