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It’s the way they deep fry the chicken. It’s changed, sadly for the worse. I love the popcorn chicken and the nuggets, I’ll have those.

Also, most of my students seem to work at local KFCs and put extra chicken into the dinner box as some sort of bribe. I’ve told them not to do it in case they get in trouble from their boss.

Yeah Victoria is so fucked we’re doing almost as bad as NSW.


I know…we’re the last people you should be emulating.

For me it’s too oily and salty.

Their burgers and chips are better than Maccas IMO.

I definitely love the chips. But yeah the chicken I had to stop eating it just didn’t sit with my stomach anymore.

It’s so good to be restricted from all this virus stuff I’ve started some of the academic writing modules for extra knowledge and to get the swing of writing at a academic / university level. It’s been great focusing on that and not on the news. I’m studying at Ecu and have chosen to do it online .
3 prep units this semester and then the maths
One I will do next semester.

Got my Ecu card already took out about three academic writing and spelling and garammar
Books to help get in the swing of things.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday my
Thoughts are with you my Victorian friends ! :love_you_gesture:t2::love_you_gesture:t2: Stay peaceful Go with god :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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She suffers from ‘spider blindness’.

I think we now need a GIF of someone cutting the Liverpool & Campbelltown local government areas out of the Sydney metropolitan area! :wink:

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Not Wollondilly as well?

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And Camden while we’re at it. :slight_smile:

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No, just a massive tarp over those two LGAs.

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This once again proves my theory that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

Something to have a laugh at on a Friday afternoon.

I got paid $100 to attend a focus group related to these proposed standards! They didn’t even bother discussing the pregnancy warning, only the proposed changes to standard drinks per week guidelines.


Does anyone else get to 8.20pm and you have dinner almost ready, but your a bottle of red deep and you just don’t really wanna eat? Mmm #melb #isolyfe

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You’ve drunk an entire bottle already? That ain’t good. :rofl:

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Yup. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Go and eat some dinner you alco. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who eats dinner at 8.20pm? That’s way too late for me. I’d be chewing my arm off by then. :joy:

I tend to eat between 6-6:30pm.


We usually do eat earlier. But we are moving houses (in the middle of all this) and so was a little late getting dinner started.

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