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Discuss matters related to WIN News bulletins broadcasting in parts of Queensland, Southern NSW, ACT, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Win News Summer edition with alexia boland


Let’s kick it off then SCTV! :wink:

Georgia Love has started her position as new weekday presenter in Tasmania as of tonight after the departure (axing) of Peter Hughes last week. New weekend presenter Lucy Breaden started on Christmas Day.


WIN in Queensland has also gone into statewide Summer Edition mode tonight. Paul Taylor presenting.


Two separate bulletins for Queensland. North Queensland (CNS/TSV/ROK) and Southern Queensland (WBY/SSC/TWA)

Paul Taylor presenting. David McLenaghan on sport. Local weather reports with Corinne Maxwell

From what I saw the Canberra bulletin was being presented as normal. Usual Canberra logo instead of the ‘local’ version being used QLD and VIC bulletins. Haven’t checked the NSW bulletins yet to see if they are statewide.


WIN News reporter Jodi Lee making headlines in the papers today for her treatment from Jetstar after she snapped an Achilles tendon whilst overseas.

@JetstarAustralia I am appalled at your blatant disregard for customer service,” Ms Lee wrote on the airline’s Facebook page, accompanied by a photo of her bandaged leg.

Full story: SMH


Has WIN got any deals with Jetstar? If so…gonskis? :stuck_out_tongue:


Toowoomba had it’s only local bulletin last night, despite the fact the rest of the state had combined bulletins. Only reason why I can think they’d have their own local news is due to 7 Local News launching a few months back. Worried about ratings perhaps?

Also, Victoria’s statewide bulletin from last night. With Alexia Boland and Wes Cusworth.


The sunrise and sunset times on the weather report at the end of the VIC bulletin (5:46) are all wrong! They’re in AEST, when they should be in AEDT.


7 Day forecast on the ROK bulletin, New Years Eve and New Years Day are in the wrong spot.

Also, Hannah McEwan back presenting in Queensland tonight.


[quote=“CQtvNetwork, post:10, topic:214”]
Also, Hannah McEwan back presenting in Queensland tonight.
[/quote]Back in Tassie (of course) tonight also. I’m still not quite sure what the point is of having Hannah reading the weather reports for Tasmania (and from the ‘WIN Weather Centre’ in Queensland). They may as well have left it to how it was with the main anchor reading it (better still they could do it locally with a dedicated weather presenter, but of course that will more than likely not happen).


That is such a seemingly basic thing to get wrong! Unbelievable.


Same night in Tasmania they had ‘New Years Eve’ and ‘New Years Day’ for one region then onto the next region it had ‘New Years eve’ and ‘New Years day’. Used lowercase instead of uppercase. Closer attention is needed apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:


As reported in the topic regarding WIN’s new affiliation this piece of info regarding news collaboration made one report.

The Australian is reporting

As part of the new affiliation deal, the two companies have agreed to work together on a range of opportunities relating to their “content and to the mutual growth of their respective businesses.”

Mr [Hugh] Marks [NEC chief executive] said this would include working with WIN on news and current affairs to avoid duplication between metro and regional services, as well as joint marketing initiatives for premium sport, including the National Rugby League.


CQtvNetwork, if you happen to see this. Can I request tonight’s (Tuesday 5th) Townsville WIN weather report at all?
I’m currently away from Townsville on holiday and was hoping to catch tonight’s report.
Thanks heaps!


I’m out west from Mackay this week so don’t have access to VAST at the moment.


A very sad, pathetic comment from the home of the forever stupid and mentally challenged, Piers Comments.

Piers Comments
I do wish that the Win News producers would not inflict females anchors,however attractive, on us.


They probably feel threatened by anything that’s even marginally more intelligent than them. :laughing:


WIN News in Victoria is now back to local editions after being in state-wide mode for the past month. Bruce Roberts and Britt Ditterich are still on holidays, with Alexia Boland reading both news and weather. Wes Cusworth is now off after presenting the Summer Edition sport, Kate Watts is filling in.

In NSW, Kerryn Johnston is presenting Illawarra solo, interestingly Amy Duggan is reading news on the Riverina and Central West bulletins, not sure why Kerryn doesn’t?


What is his problem? Piers sounds like a sexist pig, IMO.