Argh. WIN’s coverup isn’t centered!


Also, why aren’t they as eager to cover up the Fox Sports logo?



How Bruce and Murdoch worked together to undermine Ten in order to buy it on the cheap.

So many reasons.


Yeah; the double-standard/‘anti-our-affiliate-partner’ attitude from WIN is appalling (and has been for so long).
If WIN’s cover-ups were just about avoiding confusion, then they’d at least blur-out the other logos (Fox Sports included) before adding their hideous blob.


Perhaps it is part of the contract to show Fox’s soccer feed that the watermarks need to be shown.


They also show Fox Sports promos during the break. So weird to see. SCA places them as a commercial before the last 10/10 Boss promo and WIN had them as the first promo.


Fox gives them a clean feed. The Fox Sports logo and WIN Boss logo are all part of the same graphic. Fade in at precisely the same time.


It is part of the deal to get that content on Ten and WIN. That is why they show the Fox Sports mark on the coverage.


Aria Awards 2018

Screencap pretty much sums up my thoughts about promotional watermarks in general


I think she must have just seen “Mappy” for the very first time.


WIN using 10 Boss watermark for F1 highlights tonight. Sloppy.


Now imagine the shapes in watermark shimmering then expanding across the screen and after 15-30 minutes finally moving off the side and disappearing, and you have an ocular migraine!





Not sure what the go is here (especially since the correct Prime7 “Live & Free” graphic was used on the golf telecast), but currently on Prime7 Central Coast:

…and yes, I’ve finally got some useable regional TV reception on the final night before returning home! Probably won’t get to capture/record that much, but we’ll see how it goes.


Pink watermark for the 5pm Telethon program Working Wonders.

Regional QLD HD


Issue still hasn’t been resolved at 7pm!