I thought it usually happened on a Wednesday, but once a month, channel 10 moves their playout stuff from Sydney to Melbourne. Because of the lack of capacity in Melbourne, they can’t supply WIN with a clean feed of the main channel during this time. Usually happens between 11am and 3pm.


Wow. I hope that this circular watermark stays permanent on WIN and do not bring back Mappy!



Why do the TV networks need to do this?


It’s contingency planning - ensuring that their backup systems work in the event of a failure at their main play out centre.


Think of it like a fire drill. They all must do it, but Ten’s are the most obvious to the viewer, particularly via WIN.

I remember SCTV used to do it in the early hours. They would play the same episode of some low rate program like Harry’s Practice across all three channels. I don’t think they do it like that any more.


7 play home shopping Fridays (I think, could be Thursdays) 2-4am across the Network. I’m assuming this is when they do it?


But there’s no watermark on Studio 10, so the feed is clean anyway…


That’s WIN logic for ya! :slight_smile:


The Today replay on Imparja’s 9Go! is shown with a 9Go! watermark which looks to be WIN-designed. I can’t recall WIN ever using it when they were affiliated with Nine. The white part of the clock super makes it hard to spot for most of the program. :smirk:


That sure as hell worked for Seven back in 2005 during a crucial episode of Blue Heelers!


Seven’s back-up play-out MCR hub is now a compact room deep in Martin Place, Beretts gave a tour on Sunrise back in 2009. There’s a person there 24/7 as well.


Why can’t they just keep the watermark soild (coloured) during the Today repeat?


Not sure. They use a solid orange one when it airs live on Imparja.


I’m suprised WIN hasn’t designed a Mappy for Imparja yet


Whereas when 9Go was airing a Today replay in Tassie it was watermarkless.


I’m not sure if SC does any watermarking of their own any more. On 7 Central, The Morning Show is watermark-free and their own home shopping spots are the same. I’m not aware of them using any in-house watermarks on any of their Nine channels either.


The “HD” add-on on SCA 9 is done in-house.




That’s a lot better than last Saturday night’s A-league coverage on 10 Boss.