The thread to talk about what TV networks are putting in the corner of the screen…

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HD Broadcasting

Special “NYE 2015” watermark in use on the ABC’s coverage of the Sydney Fireworks:


Seven had the Live | 7 watermark at the start of Melbourne NYE coverage, but replaced it with a big red 7 logo minutes later.


Nice and bright.


Does anyone know why TEN uses a different watermark on Studio 10?

Looks very much like the logo TEN-10 Sydney used around 1983.

It’s not a new one seemingly, given the standard Ten logo was used during on a promo when going to ads.


It is a repeat of their 1988 flashback show where the retro logo was used.


aaah, thanks!


Ten West (and no doubt Ten Griffith, Mildura and SA) are still using a transparent Ten watermark during the Big Bash.


When the fireworks were shown later, they also had a SYDNYE watermark at the bottom. It didn’t make sense that they had two watermarks containing “NYE”.

They should have at least kept the one at the bottom as a hashtag, which was being used everywhere #sydnye.


So are Southern Cross Ten.

They’ve basically taken the regular Ten watermark and placed it at the top right of the screen, with ‘Live & Free’ written beneath it. Looks nicer than the solid blue logo on the metro stations.


This has probably been asked /answered before, but given that SCTEN seems to take a watermarked TEN feed from the network for normal programming, it strikes me as odd that they would get a clean feed for the Big Bash cricket and have to insert their own watermark.


Managed to capture what the clean feed WIN is supplied with during Mornings.


Not really a clean feed when the super has a placement for a Nine watermark though! :wink:


ah, but it’s to give the Nine watermark a drop shadow :slight_smile:


NBN gets that too. Weird isn’t it.


Here are some of the NZ Bugs

click on them to see them due to transparency


Imparja’s coverup watermark using ‘IMP’ like their current one during programming. From memory I believe they just used to place their ‘Imparja’ watermark underneath/above the Nine watermark.

The current watermark used during general programming.




Just a few more NZ ones


I’m sure there’s a logic as to why Horse Racing gets the rings but not NFL…