WIN HD vs WIN vs 10 Central


Taken via TCN Sydney.


NBN Central/Gold Coast version of said glitch - note the transparency differences with both the “HD” and “NBN” elements!


Are all the pres coordinators having a yearly get together tonight or something?


They’re probably having their christmas party!


Maybe a last hoorah celebration for the department at BCM :balloon::birthday: Before bowing out next year? :wink:


Problem now showing on GWN7:




Interesting to see it on GWN. Makes me think it’s not so accidental.
It probably is accidental, but I love incoherent speculation so I will add some.


Imagine how boring this place would be without that!

Anyway, one watermark issue resolved - the Nine has been restored to the correct home in the bottom right corner now with Cold Case.


I can’t check to see whether or not it’s still being used on Prime7 because I’m now back home in Sydney and well out of reach of the Central Coast regional channel transmissions, but personally I wondered if the solid red Seven logo in the top right hand corner of the screen might be something used for Sports coverage on WIN Seven in Griffith/Regional SA since those stations and Prime7/GWN7 are played out from MediaHub these days.


its not there anymore . hence a mediahub playou t error


Prime never watermark Sunrise or The Morning Show. The real test will be when the golf finishes. It’ll be interesting to see if the solid, red Seven bug is present in Sydney Weekender this afternoon.

Edit: They’re using “LIVE & FREE|Prime7” branding in the in the top right for the golf.


10 Peach w/m during Gfinity program. Placement avoids covering the scores. For some reason the entire program has a black border.

And over on WIN


Is this not the normal Prime sport watermark? As introduced a year or two ago (which most thought was good for network ID, previous years had just used a generic “7” one).




Personally, I think the Prime7 Live & Free Sports “Watermark” would look a lot better if it was properly deinterlaced/anti-aliased (the quality of the logo is disgusting in SD - particularly 7TWO from what I saw yesterday) and also used the exact same “LIVE & FREE” element Seven uses rather than that recreated one.


Fair enough, it certainly looks less tidy and more generic than Seven metro from when I’ve seen it.

But sport events still by far have the biggest reach of all TV programs, so heaps would see the “Prime” or “GWN” name and I just think it works well as a network/company ID.

At a time when SCA have all but removed any ID in favour of Nine or Seven metro. And WIN, yes always been the leader in terms of regional station ID I guess, but they’re much lower rating compared to Prime and SCA now (not that that matters, just a point).


Tonight’s soccer