Victoria State Election - November 2018


J Keyte at 6pm and 9.30/40pm would be nice on the regular


Just to that article I hope it bloody happens. I do not accept him as a leader . If this is anything to go by I predict a whole lot of liberal seats going to fed labor next year.


I never would have guessed!


ABC’s coverage is great. Screen graphics were used from last month’s Wentoworth by-election


Front page of tomorrow’s Hearld Sun.


Shocking result to the Liberals but I am not surprised at all. Their campaign was vicious and I don’t think the public want it. I know the running Liberal MP in my area was suggesting what they would do and were going on about how Greens spent $0 on Education in the local community which was total bullshit and then though opening a second gate at Windsor was all people wanted with local transport. When some suggested fixing issues at South Yarra she was all quiet and defensive about those plans.


Says it all really.

Surprised at Antony Green calling the election 75 mins after the polls closed and the results were clear


Seven’s coverage just finished.

They put together a better product than 2014.

Peter Mitchell did a good job. He’s improved over the years with live events such as this.


Judging by the caps posted here, I agree.

Who could ever forget how they used music from Tron Legacy for the 2014 Openers?! :laughing:


I watched the last 20min of Seven’s (the others had finished) and it looked good, Steve Bracks is good, Jeff… Well yeah. All three broadcasts were probably as good and bad as each other tonight. If I’d watched the full 4 hours, definitely ABC. And TJ is annoying and very surprised Nine included him, he’s fantastic at sport only IMO.


I don’t know how he gets fill-in shifts at 3AW. An average sports broadcaster and a woeful broadcaster outside of that


As stated previously, Hitch should be anchoring, but it’s been said that he’s not strong at presenting live events such as this. And I don’t think nine want to damage his reputation.


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It’s great to have Frances Bell (former Victorian political reporter for ABC News, now ABC News WA reporter but currently on maternity leave) back in Melbourne for ABC Radio’s election coverage.
It’s a shame that Call of the Card had to be abandoned 1/3 of its way through after ABC’s computer system and Antony Green’s laptop both failed.

It’s great a state election coverage is streamed live nationally so political junkies and Victorians holidaying interstate could follow the count. I think Seven should do the same for NSW state election next year.


He was annoying me tonight early on as well, saying too much.


ABC’s coverage finished earlier than the commercial networks


Judging by the screencaps I’ve seen posted here, it’s interesting how the slightly refreshed Election Graphics that were used for Nine’s Wentworth By-Election updates last month weren’t used for the Victorian State Election coverage, with the standard Nine Election Graphics that have been used since the 2016 Federal Election (slightly tweaked for the State Polls since) remaining in use.

I’m well aware that Nine has a EP for News Events like Elections which is separate to the usual local news teams (although I’m sure both would work together when it comes to deciding on things like studio/set allocation on Election Nights), but would he have been in charge of producing both the Wentworth By-Election Updates and the full Victorian State Election coverage?


That 10 bulletin looks gorgeous.


Insiders graphics:


Really? I just imagine he’d rather not be presenting a long broadcast like this. Hitch has done heaps of live events and has done fine?
Peter Mitchell is what has been discussed in the past - he struggles off script and was evident last night trying to “take control”. Would take him three, sometimes four times to actually control the panel.
I have only ever seen posts about Mitchell’s struggle of live events not Hitch.