Victoria State Election - November 2018


Many may disagree but I am very happy about this.
The infastructure around the state is a joke and I will happily pay my taxes knowing that the ALP will be spending big on improving the state.


Matthew Guy speaking now.


Just as long as there’s still appropriate questioning of things as they go through. I hate the landslide victories when it allows for bad policies to be pushed through with no questions or alterations to make them better. Although, you can’t blame the voters, when they vote, we’re lucky to have a democratic society.


Who cares? Governments can afford debt as they constantly collect taxes. They don’t even need surpluses… they’re not for profit organizations. If they make surpluses they should just give it back in tax cuts. Your economic views are flawed.


I for one don’t want a railway track past my house fhs



And I don’t want the town houses of monstrosity that my neighbour is building next door, but it’s life. We all move on. The world has to progress.
The rail may be a grievance to you, but to the people who use it there will be significant benefits to it.
The reason the rail system is in the delapidated state that it is, is due to former governments taking the “lack of progress” approach. Look how well that served the state.


Really? David Speers made specific reference to Sky News on WIN taking the coverage.

EDIT: According to the WIN TV guide, the coverage is being carried on SNOW in Victoria with the normal Saturday sports schedule elsewhere.


Nine incorporating cross-promotions for their tennis coverage has been tacky - they even placed the chamber inside Rod Laver Arena for heavens sakes


Special edition of 10 News First Melbourne at 9:40pm with Jennifer Keyte.


Well that takes away from any credibility with gimmicks like that. It’s a news service ffs!


9:40PM bulletin:


Well done 10 for getting two local bulletins to air tonight. They’ve done well with the staff and resources that they have.


Bulletin wrapup on 10 at 9:55PM (and hopefully someone recorded the closer with 1 minute of clean theme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).


So who did the best job tonight? Didn’t watch much, but where I could and been watching a bit now with the speeches.


I watched Nine’s coverage and I quite liked it.


Looks like they had a fairly good panel, their political chief was there. But I wouldn’t watch commercial stations during elections. Aunty always for me, been excellent just in the post/wrap up stuff I’ve been seeing.


ABC had to abandon the call of the board when they got up to ‘E’ because the on screen Graphics failed and then Antony Green’s touchscreen also then didn’t function correctly when he tried to do it manually. Off-air at 10.15pm.


Very unusual for the ABC to wrap up coverage before Seven and Nine, I think? The ABC’s coverage was not as good as usual in my opinion although they did call the election very early.