Victoria State Election - November 2018


Please tell me what Hitch has presented in the past?


The black Saturday Bushfires coverage? He handles live and also breaking news better than Mitchell does. Its evident every time there is a technical problem in bulletins, Hitch handles them with ease and calm. Mitchell freaks out and burbles and scrambles for scripts. Like I said before, last night Mitchell couldn’t control the panel - another example.

I have never seen any comments that Hitch can’t handle live events. So don’t know what or when you’re referring to.
I think its more that the doesn’t want to do the Election coverage specials. They are long, he works massive hours already as is reported, so why if you can have a weekend? Especially considering he does a heap of charity and event work, as well as he ain’t no spring chicken!


Brad, something must have happened (gone wrong?) during ABC’s show.

It started in HD on the main channel. But in the last hour that I saw, the main channel was showing a fuzzy SD feed from News 24, complete with irrelevant news headlines at the bottom of the screen, but no clock. 24 didn’t have any clock at that stage either.

Wonder when it changed across and why?


ABC/ABC News won the night last night, followed by Seven in second place and Nine in third place


And by a big margin


Some caps of ABC from the news channel last night:


The minor graphics tweaks that you saw for the Super Saturday were likely to distinguish it from the State (general elections).

Plus, it is much harder to revamp a look for a 3-4 hour bulletin than a 2 minute news update. They might as well recycle the same package that was used for coverage of every other state election.



Ouch. Sums up their event coverage year really.


I guess so.

Will be rather interesting to see whether the On-Air Presentation package used by Nine for the Victorian Election last night will be kept for the NSW Election on March 23, because that could be a really good opportunity to trial a refreshed package (especially if Studio 22 is used for the Election coverage, with Studio 21 still in use for the 6pm News) for the next Federal Election.


ABC Opener/Closer and Promo:


does any know how things are going in ripon atm??


Tight. May not have resumed counting yet.


Did ⫶⫶⫶9 have any of those cringeworthy contrived features that they usually have (e.g. shark tank, shredder) for elections?


Yes, the ‘Grand Slammer’. Also known as a tennis cross promotion.
There’s a cap of it in post 107.


I would wait til June/July.

I know I shouldn’t have an opinion (heck, you had to endure the coverage, not me) but what didn’t you like about Nine’s coverage? From an outsider, the panel was better and the set/graphics was better.


Do we know how the 6pm portion of Ten News First in Melbourne performed?


VEC says another round of seat count updates at 5pm


Here’s a montage of the 6pm bulletin on 10

And the 9:40 bulletin. Watch the crowd give dirty looks towards Nick Etchells when he (unnecessarily) yells his live cross, distracting the audience from Dan Andrews:


1.20 of closer and that just demonstrated how bland that new channel 10 news theme is. What a waste.


Don’t get me wrong, I really do like this theme, but I must agree that when played for long periods (as per the closer), it really is bland; like when the Nine News theme is played in a repeated loop