Useful stuff for mocks


Just word.


Mega Wall… Used on Nine News Perth & Ten Eyewitness Late.



Nine News First at Five backdrop:

Would anyone have the backdrop used from Today and Today Extra, the one behind Karl and Lisa?


New Nine News Perth watermark (with black background and the transparent background below it, although it’s not able to be seen on this due to the white background)


Does anyone know what font is used in the current Channel Nine Lineup? Thanks.


Seven News Live Shots:

Seven News Content and Appearance


Sunrise Old Lower Thirds

The Morning Show

Seven News

Ten News

Wake Up


Blank Channel Nine Yellow Lineup (2012-2015)


Ten News At Five: Sydney Set 2013


Does anyone have a mockup of the background used on ABC News 24? :smiley: Cheers.


Hey just wondering if anyone here is any good at sound mixing? I’m in the process of creating some mock promo videos and would like somebody to remix the current Nine News theme for me. PM me and I’ll send you a copy of the existing theme and what I would like done. Cheers :+1:


Might be of help.


Here the title to the famous Welcome to VAST music, sometimes used as a breakdown screen for WIN and other satellite channels.

Liquid Gold - Gareth Johnson


Nine Live Queensland Backdrop:


9 News Adelaide side wall background, and big screen background

Plus more


Is there any way I can get the font that WIN uses for its WIN disk logo for free?


Arial rounded bold?


As asked by @TheHubMan in the News Themes topic, the new ‘oneABC’ font is used as a web font on the new ABC News website. Looking through the CSS you’d find links to various versions of the font such as:

Of course, the fonts were created exclusively for the ABC so it is up to you whether you really want to download them. But if you’re going to make a new mock, well… :wink:

Random Mocks

yay! i don’t have to use raleway in substitute for the abc font!


Here are some Seven News pictures that could be useful for some mocks :slight_smile: