Useful stuff for mocks


Blank afternoon news Titlecard, Ticker, Watermark.


Opener shot/Headlines plasma:


Does anyone have a blank ACA coverup, like the one that WIN used?

Nvm, just got a NBN coverup and an old Nine watermark…



Can I please request a high res 2D version of the numerical 10 Logo that TEN use?



thankyou so much


You’re welcome. I only had a black version of the numerical 10, however I’m sure you could change it to white or whatever colour you like in any good image editing software! :slight_smile:




That either looks like the old Paul Henry sound suite or is that The Edge studio?


It’s the RadioLIVE studios.


Just quickly put together some backgrounds for Nine News with inspiration from the new backdrops for anyone who’d like to use them. I do have higher quality versions (especially for the globe one) and a template for the headlines one. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have any blank supers of the current Nine News package?


Does anyone have a National Nine News logo?


I saved an old icon of the National Nine News logo that was still live on an old site, I’ll see if I can find it.


This is what I have:


Thank you @Abesty!


What i have:


Sorry to say this one is in the wrong font (the top of the A gives it away; a narrow/condensed variant of the font shown here was used by Ten News in the '80s):

Edit: Sorry you’re right @Abesty that font was used; I’d forgotten about when they changed it & was thinking of this earlier one: