Useful stuff for mocks


Here’s the Sunrise logo:

And a white background:

Random Mocks

Thank you for sharing!



Seven watermark 2016



Does anyone know the font used in Perth’s Today Tonight logo?


Because it would be too messy to post and update all the ready-to-use transparent watermarks here (or in the Watermarks thread), I have decided to create a website hosting these watermarks. They can be found here:

You can download the various Australian TV watermarks over the course of history. More will be coming soon.


Thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling:


No problem. But right now I need to figure out how to make the watermarks available in HD 1080p. Weebly seems to scale them down to 1024x576 (not a problem for most watermarks originally in that resolution).

EDIT: Finally figured out how to host the original resolution watermarks on Weebly. Just click on the watermark itself and you can download it directly.

EDIT 2: Polished the website.



Does anyone have a good quality 9Gem logo?


Is this one good?


Great. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Some High Quality Channel Nine Logos:


My watermark library has been updated again with brand new watermarks, some in HD. Check the changelog for details.

Hopefully there will be a place in MediaSpy for a new vault that will have all my watermarks, and more accessible. (Right now free Weebly websites don’t get search engine indexing)


Great cap. But unfortunately upon closer inspection, there are interlaced lines which means you capped the watermark when it’s just starting to fade out. To anyone in Melbourne or Adelaide (or any Seven region where it’s broadcasting HD 1080i), please try capping the Channel Seven watermark within a completely black frame (like a 4:3 show or a black background) asap, because Channel Seven Sydney is now broadcasting SD-quality everywhere, even online, according to SydneyCityTV.


That isn’t a cap taken from Channel Seven. I made a quick mock of the Channel Seven logo. :slight_smile:
Not in good quality though. :open_mouth:


NBN News promotional image currently used on the Promo Endtags, might be handy for those who want to do Nine News rebrand mocks:

Source: NBN News Twitter.


Here’s a transparent version of the new WIN logo if anyone wants it.

I just cut the background out of WIN’s new Twitter picture.


Sorry, wrong post. I meant to comment on MLVD’s cap of the HD Seven watermark ( I was confused.