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Wow - less Home and Away covers. Well done TV Week. Now do articles on the inflated cost of streaming services. :laughing:

I think it’s great that they are doing a “First Look” for a new season of a TV show. They should be doing more exclusives like this with info you don’t find anywhere else.

Also great that they have Kitty, Rob and Celia on the cover. These people are powerhouses of comedy now and deserve the attention in TV Week.

During tonight’s post match segment of the NRL, they were interviewing Jonathan Thurston, and they showed a “Queensland only” cover of TV Week, with Jonathon Thurston on the cover. Am not sure if its a Brisbane cover or a regional Queensland cover. It looked legit too. (He does feature in the mag nationally on pages 92 and 93 re the State of Origin).

When was the last time that TV Week had 2 different covers for the one issue?



They had six different covers for the Gold Logie nominees a few years back. These were available everywhere though.

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Thank you @TV.Cynic for the very quick response and for uploading that photo. The Queensland version looks good. The small photo inserts are in different order too compared to the “national version”.

Oh yes, the Gold Logie editions from a few years ago. I forgot about those. Thanks for the image.

about a million years ago (well, 1967…) TV Week did state-based versions of covers with the theme “the crown princes of Australian TV”

With Graham Kennedy on the cover for Victoria, Don Lane in NSW and from the feature story inside the magazine, I would assume Ernie Sigley for South Australia and Don Seccombe in Queensland.

Not sure what they did for WA… possibly a different cover altogether, and Tasmania was probably just the Victorian cover as the Tasmanian edition was usually just the Victorian edition with a local program guide insert.


Rick and Sue? (they’ve been around that long :grin:)

Although not state based covers but another multi-cover edition was from the 90s (or 00s) with two different covers featuring Brad Pitt. I thought it was very strange at the time because even though he was a big movie star then, Brad wasn’t really known for much of his previous TV work. I assume the editor was just a big Brad Pitt fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: I tried googling these covers but there doesn’t seem to be anything online. But I did notice Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Costner covers so movie actors may not have been so unusual back then.

movie-star covers and features were not unusual back in the day. The Star Trek movies and various Star Wars movies scored TV Week covers. ET was on the cover in January 1983. Despite the magazine’s title it also covered movies quite a bit, especially once the home video market really kicked in.

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A long overdue Home and Away cover :wink:

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another “must-watch” week?!?


Another bomb in Summer Bay. It’s an annual event. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus another story focussing on women’s ages in television. That’s the only angle they can find because Kat Stewart is now 50? And while the quote says “We”, Doris Younane is actually 60.

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Good to see Kochie on the cover. It’s deserved after his long run.

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i hate the clickbaity headlines that they do:

Why I Had To Quit/Leave/Come Back/Stay/etc



Good to have David Koch on the cover. Leaving Sunrise after 20+ years is a big thing. Despite the usual tacky headline of “Why I really quit”.

I think TV Week has a quota of “Why I…” on the cover per year. Usually reserved for Home and Away stars of “Why I had to return”.

On a good note, the last three issues have had double-page “profile features” of Queensland personalities towards the end of the mag. Good interviews and photos. The Queensland stars were:
Jonathan Thurston (2 weeks ago, to talk about State of Origin Game 1); Shane Webcke from Seven News Brisbane (last week); and Melissa Downes from Nine News Queensland (this latest issue).

We need more stories like these from people who aren’t national. It’s a good sign from TV Week


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Ugh! Out of all the contestants on Dancing With The Stars they had to choose the Home and Away person for the cover.