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Erin McWhirter has left TV Week to become editor of Foxtel Magazine.

Gerry Reynolds, managing director of Medium Rare, said:

“With a readership of over 800,000, Foxtel magazine is Australia’s number one entertainment title. Erin’s vast experience and passion for television make her the perfect appointment. We very much look forward to having her on board to lead our extremely talented content team.”

McWhirter said:

“Foxtel has been a trailblazer in television for more than 20 years and I am thrilled to be working with such an innovative company as it continues to enhance the viewer experience. I look forward to becoming part of the Medium Rare team to build on the foundations of an already strong magazine brand.”

Foxtel’s Magazine Manager Cait Taylor said:

“We welcome Erin as the editor of Foxtel magazine. The magazine is a valuable and important content discovery tool for our customers, and Erin is perfectly placed to help us to evolve and maximise our award-winning editorial in a dynamic media environment.”

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Not only does TV Week have a nasty habit of constantly putting Home & Away on the cover, now they just recycle their old covers.

February 2016

June 2014


sad really.


They thought the new orange border that they've added was going to fool us. :laughing:

Shocking how often they use the word "SHOCK" on the cover. :wink:


They used it twice! TV Week uses the same cover photo of Home and Away stars
The Daily Telegraph


yeah the Daily Telegraph probably needn't be too judgemental :slightly_smiling:


why would you even buy TV Week in 2016? Seriously.


because some old people have no idea how to use the EPG.

My mother gets it all the time.

The magazine is rubbish - here in NBN territory we get WIN/NBN as one list, with "NBN changes" in tiny writing at the bottom that is so hard to read and the 9GEM lineup is WIN's not NBN's (we don't get ACA on 9GEM, so it throws the whole evening schedule out).

No matter how many times she's complained to TV Week they just ignore it.


For the stories and interviews. Certainly not for the TV guide.


Looks like TV Week's new Home & Away obsession is Samantha Jade. She hasn't even been on the show yet and she is gracing a second TV Week cover this week. :tired_face:


I had to take a seat from the pure shock... but my gosh how did two 40-something actors, and not from Home And Away, get onto this week's cover?!?!??


Maybe they're finally listening to the criticism they've been copping all over the media lately. Was pleasantly surprised to see Chrissie Swan on the cover last week too. Noticed it had actually sold out at a few newsagents last week when the H&A covers hardly ever do.


Another case of TV Week recycling their photos on the cover this week.

This time not the exact same photo but obviously from the same photo shoot used on covers again and again.

Same, Same, Same, Same.


And these could have been the same photo shoot too with a change of shirt and dress. :wink:

Same old thing. Boring, boring, boring.


TV Week magazine busted reheating front page Home And Away photograph
The Daily Telegraph


You've made it big now!


I was already big. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I've had my name in papers and magazines a few times over the years. But it's funny because three of my tweets in the last week have made an impact on other media.

I had a mention on Kate, Tim and Marty on Nova Drive and a response from Fitzy on Nove Breakfast which led to a discussion on Fitzy & Wippa. Now stories in The Daily Telegraph and TV Tonight.


I haven't clicked on the link but I imagine this is just a gallery of TV Week covers from the past 2 years...?


Off-topic, how dodgy is that article URL? I'd never click that.


I'd be laughing out loud if the reality of the situation wasn't so sad. If TV Week are right about her ability to sell magazines then their circulation figures will now be in serious trouble. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: