TV Week


Isn’t that every freakin week? :roll_eyes:


:joy: It sure seems that way.

I can’t see how it could be any more “ultimate” unless it’s completely devoid of any information about any other show.


Hooray it’s not Home And Away on the cover!

But, then, who are these people?


:tada: Looks like they dropped the idea for the “ultimate H&A fan guide” too. There are only two pages of Plot Teasers and two pages in Retro.

Maybe their recent Home And Away covers are not selling as well as they used to. I’ve noticed a lot of leftover copies at newsagents and supermarkets at the end of the week.

Maybe they’ve realised they need to feature other shows, especially the highest rating ones. While it may not be ideal to have reality show contestants on the cover it’s good to see some variety.


it’s good to see TV Week not as many Home and Away covers this year, compared to previous years. Looks like they are finally realising that too many H&A covers aren’t doing the mag any favours.

Although I’m not a fan of Married at First Sight, its good to see something different on the cover.

The Logies Voting starts tomorrow. With the Logies Voting now done entirely online now, there is no “Voting starts now” on the cover this time around, unlike previous years. Id imagine there would be some Logies info inside the mag?


I don’t know what would be worse - Married at First Sight or Home and Away.

Would rather prefer the test card on the cover myself. :wink:


What shock scandal has the test card gotten involved in which warrants front page headlines!?


The girl has shagged the clown doll…:joy::joy::joy:


There’s a pic of last year’s Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson and directions to the website on page 4 in Talking Points and then a two page spread on page 98 with website info for voting and details of a competition to attend the awards.


Back to Home and Away on the cover this week and Lynn McGranger yet again. Many pages of H&A storyline stories and reality show content. That’s another copy of TV Week not worth buying, so I didn’t.


Rove gets the cover this week. Finally, some variety.


Another retro Home & Away cover.

They can’t even be bothered covering a current storyline from the show any more?
They have to rely on past glories?

With the amount of coverage they already give the show, I wouldn’t think they could dig up 1 secret about the show, let alone 100.

It’s like they don’t even want to be relevant any more.



There is not an eyeroll emoji big enough for this


How long do you take to preview read TV Week before deciding whether to buy it? :smiley: I remember some newsagents had signs up asking people not to preread the magazines, as the newsagent wasn’t a library. They wouldn’t need the signs these days as it seems hardly anyone buys a magazine in a newsagent.


Sarah Harris is on the cover this week. Good to have some variety.


I hated last week’s so much, I was ready to give up on it completely. I didn’t even bother looking for it early this week.I will buy it this week.


So this week they’ve gone with Asher Keddie on the cover and the headline “Will Offspring return? Asher Keddie spill the shock details”. The answer was already revealed in the media last week when she said that there had not been any discussions since the last episode aired last year so likely no.

It’s good that they don’t have Home & Away on the cover again this week especially since the show is currently on a break. However, are they completely devoid of ideas for cover stories? Can’t they pick any TV stars who have shows currently on air or any of the new shows coming up from next week?

Over at Who Weekly, they’ve got Lisa Wilkinson on the cover, last week was Rebecca Gibney and a few weeks ago Carrie Bickmore. Who Weekly has the former editor of TV Week as editor now and they seem to be having more relevant TV stars on the cover than TV Week does now.


I was going to say that TV as a whole is lacking a breadth of interesting people, hence the constant recycling of H&A faces on the cover, although it interesting to see your comparison with Who Weekly. I haven’t bought Who for years but if Emma Nolan is taking it in that direction I might take a look.


Yes, I bought the two recent ones and might buy it this week’s too. Had only bought maybe one of two copies per year in the last decade.

It looks like they are looking at people in the news that readers want to read about, doing exclusive interviews and photo shoots, which is better than paparazzi shots and fake news the other scandal sheets run. Should work well for the mag.


TV Week has Nicole da Silva on the cover this week with an exclusive photo shoot and interview about her pregnancy. :clap:

Mentions of her currently filming Wentworth and Doctor Doctor filming in a few weeks. No spoilers revealed about whether her pregnancy will be written into either show.

They do speculate about Doctor Doctor and how Charlie desperately wants a baby so they would be mad not to have it written in but Nicole is unsure of what is planned. However in regards to the other role, the article ends with: “You never know in the world of Wentworth,” Nicole smiles.