TV Week



Home And Away is on a break until whenever and Neighbours is back this week… but hey let’s have a Home And Away cover… again.


And no story about the actual show but a women’s magazine style story about a “celebrity”.

And who believes that Katherine Kelly Lang is actually going to move to Australia as the headline suggests? They’re getting worse than Woman’s Day and New Idea with their bullshit headlines.

I chose not to buy it again today.


I sent an email a week ago to TV Week asking them when regional Victoria are going to have 7Flix in the guide and did not get a response back… Cheers TV Week I will just have to turn to another source.


To be fair most of the staff have probably been away. A week ago was New Years. Most people go back to work tomorrow, it wouldn’t surprise me if you got a response this week sometime.


Maybe she will buy an apartment in Sydney so she has somewhere to stay when she’s here for her TVSN appearances?


Maybe so but that’s very different to “I’m Moving to Australia”.

Maybe it was a humorous throwaway line and they used it as a headline but I very much doubt she’s “moving” here.


Home and Away on the cover again this week. This time it’s a 30 Years of Home and Away.


The show isn’t even on air this week or next week.

Didn’'t buy this issue either. I think this may be the year I stop buying it completely.


Looks like Sam Frost is going to be TV Week’s favourite cover girl now. :roll_eyes: That’s three weeks in a row that Home and Away is on the cover and third week that I haven’t bought it.


And I think 4 weeks out of the last 5… with that one week that Neighbours cracked a cover.

Either TV Week’s fetish with H&A is far from over or it’s a reflection of the sorry state of Australian TV that there is nothing else for them to cover.


I sent them an email over three weeks ago why we do not have 7flix and 9Life in the regional tv guides in Victoria and I have had no reply back… I am not gonna buy there magazine anymore I will buy the Sunday Herald Sun at least they look after you better…


Not sure why they’d go to the effort to make this a stand alone magazine instead of just beefing up the regular issue. And I guess subscribers won’t get this either


Agree. The issue with their yearly previews was always one of their biggest. They’re making some very odd decisions.

At least we haven’t got yet another Home and Away cover. Manu Fidel from MKR with yet another shonky headline “Why I Have To Walk Away”. :roll_eyes:

I’m pretty sure they had the same headline on a story with him last year or the year before. Wasn’t true then and probably not true now.


A threesome of reality show contestants on the cover this week. A barely recognisable Kerry Armstrong from I’m A Celeb and two scarily plastic contestants from My Kitchen Rules and Married At First Sight.

While it’s good that it’s not that soapies again, I can’t help thinking this is not very appealing either. Might work better after a few werks when readers might know these people better.

I would have gone with three celebrities from I’m A Celeb or Kerry and hosts Julia & Chris maybe.


Oh FFS :weary:


And another nine pages devoted to flamin’ Alf or Home and Away. :roll_eyes:

if you picked up the magazine to have a quick look through, it just looks like a Home and Away fan mag until you get to page 14. Why would most people bother buying it? :weary:


I think less and less are doing so every week :confused:


You would think they would be trying to appeal to a wider readership by appealing to viewers of more shows with stories about lots of other programs.

They have already captured all the Home and Away readers. Why wouldn’t they try harder to appeal to the 24 million people who don’t watch Home and Away? :wink:


Do you think there should be a limit to the number of people with bad plastic surgery allowed on the cover of TV Week? There should be a law against two Married At First Sight bimbos and one scary Real Housewife. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Home and Away features on the cover once again. This week it’s Sarah Roberts and James Stewart.


And it gets worse. Next week’s preview describes the next issue as an “ultimate H&A fan guide”.

A whole issue devoted to Home and Away. :face_vomiting: