TV Week


My Kitchen Rules contestants feature on the front cover this week: Alex, Olga, Henry and Suong.
Delta Goodrem will feature in next week’s issue to talk about her role as Olivia Newton-John in the Channel Seven mini-series.


So that suggests the Olivia mini-series should screen in the following week.


Jessica Mauboy is on the cover this week, no surprise given she is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.


It’s a good choice.
I don’t know if someone representing an SBS show has ever made the cover of TV Week before.

I was expecting Delta Goodrem was going to be on the cover for Olivia and The Voice this week. Maybe that’ll happen next week. It’s a shame all three will be competing against each other next Sunday night. They would attract similar viewers which means the potential audience will be split.


Sensibly, they have done that exactly this week and Delta Goodrem is on the cover.


Next we know the ALP will have given her captain’s pick to sit in parliament :wink:


Fine with me…can they also make Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins captains pick’s too? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


And Home And Away is back… i guess we had 2 weeks off…


Be thankful for small mercies, I suppose. It’s actually been a month since the last one which is an improvement. Difficult to tell this Home and Away cover apart from the last one though.


TV Week have all those Gold Logie nominees to choose from and they go with another Home and Away cover. Two nobodies, I don’t recognise. :roll_eyes:


Seriously… you’d have thought the Gold Logie nominees would have been all over the cover this week.

Were they trying to avoid a leak as the magazine does the rounds before hitting the newsstands tomorrow?


Nah. They’re still on there but as a strip of photos along the bottom. Hardly prominent.

Up the left hand side, you also have two House Rules contestants and Olympia Valance from the new show Playing For Keeps. They are the same size picks.


Disappointing then. The Logies are TV Week’s biggest reason for existence and gives it a circulation boost. You’d think they’d be promoting the cr@p out of it on the front page.


Agree. A composite photo with three, four or all the nominees should have been the way to go.

I know it’s not an exact science but I walk past three newsagents and a Woolworths every day and I often check the stands to see what sells. I noticed a lot of unsold copies of last week’s Home and Away cover on the newsagents on Friday.

Previous covers with Delta Goodrem were almost sold out and Jessica Mauboy had sold out on Thursday in most of them. They seem to have no idea on what is popular.


Johanna Griggs is on the cover this week.


Home and Away on the cover again this week. Their obsession with the show returns with three out of the last four covers dominated by it. And it looks like they’ve discovered a new blonde starlet to obsess over.


there must be data somewhere that shows that Home And Away covers boost circulation? Why else this constant obsession with this show? Either that, or the fact that Australian TV as a whole is so mediocre that none of it ranks enough to attract anyone’s interest to justify putting on the cover.


It’s certainly a sad state of affairs if the only covers that sell are those for one show.

They’ve gone for the two nominees for Most Popular New Talent. There were so many other nominees from other shows for the Logie Awards, you’d think they’d give them a chance to shine.

How will they ever know if someone like Celia Pacquola, a Most Popular Actress nominee, would sell magazines if they don’t even give her a chance?


she’s on the ABC which probably deems her automatically inferior for any front cover of TV Week :hushed:


But she’s also a favourite on Have You Been Paying Attention so that’s a wider audience for her.

Meanwhile, they are promoting a Special 60th Anniversary issue for the following week. Unfortunately it’s another additional issue again. This time it’s $9.99. :open_mouth: Seriously. Who is going to buy that?