TV Week


Nat Bassingthwaighte gets the cover for Changing Rooms. :partying_face:

Can I ask how you know the cover details before they’re revealed on Monday??? :stuck_out_tongue:


I jave a local shop which gets the delivery of magazines on Sunday afternoon and puts them straight out on the shelves.


Oh nice! Any Neighbours stories on the cover?


Neighbours - Leo proposes. Will Terese say yes?

MAFS - “I meant what I said” - Sam hits back at his haters.

MKR - Manu vs Josh & Austin - What pushes the judge to breaking point?

True Crime Special - 28 real life cases that shocked the world!

Changing Rooms - My biggest regret - The life change that saved Natalie Bassingthwaighte


not having Home And Away around must be really stinging them :grin:


It’s so good not seeing HAA shoved into our faces! Would love the show to end!


I don’t wish the show to end, I just would perhaps like TV Week not to give it so much coverage.


This weeks cover:


The “joys” of a TV Week subscription is that sometimes you don’t get the edition for your area.

I’m in Melbourne but some weeks I get the Sydney edition.

Last week I got the country Victoria edition.

There seems to be some weird overlaying of the WIN logos over the “10” and Peach logos. This is not a one-off, it appears throughout the whole week’s listing.

Seven SA (the old SES8) gets a listing, presumably it still overlaps into western Victoria

Imparja gets a listing for the VAST viewers but for Seven Central and Ten Central it looks like you’ll just have to check the other 7 and 10 themed channels

7Flix and 9Life given prime time listings only.

I reckon it needs a bit of a tidy up, just seems very messy.


Seems like a waste of space to have entire collumns dedicated to the guides of channels like Seven SA & Imparja for the sake of a couple of program variations.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have full collumns for the main affiliates in each state + capital city programming variants and another to the side for all the slight programming variants on VAST/solus markets? Maybe get rid of synopses if that results a more comprehensive listing for the multichannels as well.


The 10/WIN overlay has happened on and off for about 3 months in the Tassie edition.
I’ve been in country Vic before, really don’t understand why you end up with essentially the same tv guide repeated by having Imparja or Prime7/SevenSA, I thought it was silly.
Still no NITV either, which is dumb.


SES 8 and RTS5a has historically been featured in the country Vic edition, along with the ABC column split into half with seperate Vic and SA listings.


I’d have it like this, going from left to right across two pages, each line in its own column:

ABC Comedy/Kids | ABC 3 | ABC News
SBS Viceland | SBS Food | NITV
7Two | 7Mate | 7Flix | 7Food Network | Regional Variations
9Go | 9Gem | 9Life | Regional Variations
10 BOLD | 10 Peach | WIN Variations/SNOW

With the regional variations, all you’d say is, for example:
9NBN: 6:00pm NBN News
all other times as per Nine
Only mention when they opt out of the network schedule.

Keep it clean, keep it simple


I’d go probably (regional VIC edition)

Page 1 (three columns):

  • VAST/Satellite (Imparja, Seven, Ten)
  • ABC
  • Seven (with Prime7 variations)

Page 2 (three columns):

  • Nine (with SC9 variations)
  • Ten (with WIN variations)
  • SBS

Page 3 (four columns):

  • ABC Kids/Comedy (full column)
  • ABC ME | ABC News
  • 7Two | 7Mate
  • 7Flix | 7Food

Page 4 (four columns)

  • 9Go | 9Gem
  • 9Life | Sky News WIN
  • WIN Bold | WIN Peach
  • SBS Viceland | SBS Food

(I would like to fit NITV in there but not sure it would be practical in this layout)


That could work. Mind you, we both forgot Your Money in our posts. But I’m sure you’d only have to list it once if the programs are the same across the week.


Is Your Money showing in regional areas? I thought it was just on 9 metro?


Only in Northern NSW on LCN 85.


Being a Nine O&O market, I think Darwin might also receive “Your Money” via NTD on LCN-95?

But yeah, SCA or the other regional affiliates don’t carry it.


If youre adding things like that, why not add racing dot com ?


NITV is definitely one that should be there ASAP.