TV Week


That’s not so bad


It’s a popular show celebrating its 10th season and it’s back this week, so it makes sense to feature it on the cover.

This is the way it should be every week. They should be mixing it up and featuring lots of different shows.


TV Week over expose Seven. It’s so infuriating.


Married returns this week also. And it’s a much more hyped about show than the aged MKR.


That’s because they’re obsessed with Home and Away. Not much else gets a look in.


So who would they put on the cover of TV Week? That show doesn’t have hosts.

I’m sure it will get a few covers again if it’s as successful as it was last year once the contestants have become notorious.


The girl on the test card.


That would be more interesting than MAFS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would be more interesting than 98% of the shows on Australian television.


OK. Go back to your navel gazing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


MKR sob fest dominates the cover. Glad they included KKL into the cover. Bold’s very big here in OZ. Not sure if that’s the right story for Neighbours to cover, given Sonya’s cancer storyline…


That was actually on the cover last week. You can scroll up and see it above.

Having the other soapie off the air has given them a chance to cover something about Neighbours instead. They have done profiles on four of the actors, Tim Kano, April Rose Pengilly, Ben Hall and Bonnie Anderson.


That was actually on the cover last week. You can scroll up and see it above.

I know, I posted the last cover :stuck_out_tongue:

I just think Sonya’s a more compelling cover story for Neighbours than Paul and Terese’s on again, off again love affair storyline at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


But you can’t have the same story on the cover every week. I know it feels like that with Home and Away but they do mix up the stories a bit, at least.


You couldn’t tell given they recycle the same pictures over and over…


And this would be a big turn-off for a lot of readers, over and over, again and again, but they just don’t seem to realise that.


Presumably their sales data tells them that it’s not a turn-off for the majority of buyers?/Home and Away covers sell better than other shows.


Well that’s what we’ve often asked. Our observations at the newsagents and supermarkets suggest that’s not the case. They do get more comments on social media on those stories but I’d really like to see whether that actually translates to sales.


And it’s happened already. In TV Week, there’s an advert for the next issue of their spin off mag TV Week Close Up.

The annual preview issue of TV Week was dropped and they had a special issue instead last year. Now it seems they have moved it to this month’s TV Week Close Up.

So they’ve put Stephen Peacocke on the cover in the main shot. He’s the highlight of the year? :roll_eyes: How embarrassing!


Nat Bassingthwaighte gets the cover for Changing Rooms. :partying_face: