TV tuners and software

Terribly. I had a dabble with TVH in a VM. Couldn’t work out a way for it to detect my local hardware. Didn’t have a HDHR back when I was playing with it. Might have a crack now.

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It is, but the NextPVR software, as I recall, didn’t perform to my expectations & I uninstalled it. On the suggestion & recommendation of one of the forum members here I trailed SchiboPVR & decided to keep using it & pay the small yearly fee. The software programmer is an Aussie living in Canada.

It is interesting reading of other users setups & experiences with other software & look forward to reading more. I may be tempted to trial other software if others have great experiences with it under Win 10 & with the HDHR.

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Interesting that you can use it to stream the local channels through VLC. Tbh, the only other thing that puts me off from buying a HDHR is that I would have to mess around with the cords connecting to the router and we only bought a new one about a month ago. If I was on my own, I would buy one and do that no worries, but I share a household and I don’t want to change the cables for something that will only be used for receiving the local channels.

That’s interesting. It’s something I will definitely keep in mind for down the track, but to be honest, I think my ultimate preference for now would be to try and find a compatible USB TV Tuner which I could take with me if I go away somewhere.

Thanks for linking it to me, something like that was just what I was after! :slight_smile: I’ve come across a similar model before actually, but the one I found was only compatible with Windows XP and earlier operating systems. It’s good to know for sure that it can work on a Windows 10 laptop.


Which is fair enough if ports are limited on your router. But the beauty of the HDHR setup is that there’s only one place you need an antenna/coax connection. It puts your FTA onto your wifi/network so you don’t have to worry about USB dongles, coax cables to the laptop, etc. It’s a much cleaner setup than traditional methods.

Definitely don’t let user guides or product descriptions limit your options. If it works on Win 7, it will more than likely work on Win 10. Do a Google search on the product and see what other people use. USB tuners are pretty generic and usually don’t need special drivers or installation discs.