TV tuners and software

I’ve been using tvheadend that runs on my media server in docker

Do you want to use it with a remote control in a home theater environment, or just as a desktop program? If the latter,I can recommend DVB Viewer. Works great with both internal and external cards including HDHomeRun.

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Thanks for the recommendation.
Are you still using this program?
I’ve been using/trialling Sichbo PVR with the HDHomerun for a couple of weeks - I like it. Had a few initial setup issues.
However I was wondering if you experience a problem with 9HD, channel 90?
On this channel I get a slight colour phasing of slight blue to green to red overlay, usually only noticeable on large facial images & some white/grey cloud scenes etc. Cycles through the faint colours over a few seconds continuously. I suspect maybe I need a more powerful graphics card, but not sure. Do you get this problem? Not sure why I get the issue with nine’s Ch 90 HD & not also 7HD Ch 70.

Ch 90 is fine using my 2019 4GB RAM Smartphone with the HDHomerun app & also on the PC itself with the native HDHomerun software.

I have the 2 tuners in the one HDHomerun. The Sichbo finds each channel twice & populates the guide accordingly. I know I can just tick one single appearance of each channel, that allows just playing or recording of the one channel, the watching of one channel & recording of another is only possible with ticking the channel in another tuner from settings.

QUESTION: With Slaving (the paid feature with Sichbo), does the guide only show the one appearance of each station in the guide, but permit the watching of one channel & recording of another, without the guide showing two appearances of each channel? This is how Windows Media Centre works.

I bought one of these on the weekend for $50.

Reception is better than my other Topfield STB and it seems to displays captions properly too.

Can anyone recommend any devices for remotely controlling and recording Television from another location? I am looking at setting up a HD HomeRun a relatives place in Wollongong, to get regional TV from Sydney where I am. Remotely recording and accessing the files through Wifi network.

However I am aware with the HDHomeRun, a yearly subscription fee and monthly fee for remote access applies.

Does anyone know of any other products that would do the job and are cheaper?

Thanks for any help

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This probably isn’t of any help; but have you considered connecting the HDHomeRun to a dedicated computer & remotely accessing that computer?
I have an old HDHomerun. I access it via SichboPVR on my PC. But also can watch TV via WiFi with the HDHomerun app on my smartphone.

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Does anyone know of a way I could somehow receive/record the local Illawarra free-to-air channels on my Windows 10 laptop?

I’ve looked into possibly buying a new USB TV Tuner, but the majority of them aren’t compatible with Windows 10 and the very few that are have software that need to be installed off disc (my HP Pavilion laptop doesn’t have a CD-drive). Up until now, I have been using a Kaiser Baas USB TV Tuner on my old Windows 8 laptop, however it takes 10-15 minutes just to boot up the laptop and it’s simply becoming too unreliable to use due to how old it is.

See previous message. It is applicable to Windows 10 & ethernet.

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Can’t you just buy an external CD drive than runs from a USB cord like I do?

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Thanks for pointing me towards it. This is the first I’ve read up on HDHomerun and I didn’t know what exactly it was beforehand, so I skimmed over the post as I thought it wouldn’t have applied to my situation.

I can see how it could be a good option, but to be honest, I don’t really see it being practical for me. I don’t want to pay a subscription fee for a product which I would only be using to relay the FTA channels. Tbh, I would only be using it to record content to upload onto my YouTube channels.

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First I’ve heard about a subscription fee for using a HDHR. I’m also not convinced most USB tuners are incompatible with Windows 10. If they’ve got BDA drivers, which most do, they’ll work fine.

Edit: Ok, so it looks like HDHR charge a fee if you want to use their app to record like a DVR. Personally, I use my HDHR in VLC and record to my heart’s content for free. The EPG also works fine. Perhaps newer models prevent recording?


I’ve been using a HDHomeRun for the last two and a half years, and record the channels using VLC and it works really well (no other fees after purchasing the HDHR using this method). I previously used Plex DVR with it (which yes you have to pay a monthly subscription for), however I had some issues with the EPG so decided to get rid of it.

I think the HDHomeRun should be compatible with other free PVR software like NextPVR, though I haven’t tried it. I also used a trial of SchiboPVR recently and that also works nicely with it (there is a monthly $1 fee however).


I’m about to try using HDHR as a tuner in my existing DVR software. Hopefully it will work ok.

One thing I can’t do with it is stream the channels over the internet. It has a ‘hop detection’ thing inside it which stops the streams from making too many ‘hops’ to different places on a network. I only ever use it on my LAN anyway, but it’s a limitation nonetheless.

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Wonder if you could reverse proxy it :thinking:

@SouthCoastTV Last year I purchased this USB tuner from eBay which works with my Windows 10 laptop: USB HDTV TV tuner for Windows 10 Australia DVB-T 4 Laptop & PC Record digital TV | eBay

There is a download link for Schibo PVR that you can get from their website. But I prefer to use ArcSoft Total Media that I was already using on my previous laptop.

The actual USB stick looks different in the eBay picture to the one they sent me, but it works very well:


Not sure. My next test is to use my DVB Media Server which uses my other PCI sat tuners. I might be able to get around the hop issue it if it treats the HDHR like any other tuner.

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Another option might be to use TVHeadend - I was using it for a little while to stream to my Apple TV, but ditched it when I went to a Shield

Yeah that’s certainly an option. I want to eventually buy a box and run Linux/TVHeadend with all my tuners, especially now since I’m (cough) sharing them (cough cough). DVBV handles them all ok but it has its limitations.

I run my TVHeadend instance in Docker on a VM (with some other ahem stuff) that runs on a ex-lease PC I picked up cheap on ebay and threw a bit more RAM in (for other purposes)

Mind you I have a HDHomeRun, I dont know how it goes with PCI/USB based tuners in that environment)

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