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The Morning Show is feeling very stale nowadays. If Kyle & Larry ever left, I would drop it and replace it with Sunrise Plus, which would be hosted by a panel lineup of Eddy, Tarsh Belling, Matt Shirvington and, as a wildcard, someone like actor Luke Jacobz.

The show would be a mix of News, Hot Topics, Lifestyle & Entertainment, with a strong focus on interactivity. To help with this, they would also feature a studio audience and segments like the “Sunrise Helpdesk” where each day a different expert can help answer viewer questions.

Sam Mac would also be allowed to film extended pieces from some of his locations and showcase them on this show.

Seven @ 7

A new light entertainment/public affairs show to take on The Project. As the title suggests, the show would air at 7:00pm following 7NEWS. This means Home and Away would move to 7TWO permanently, though there would be an encore on Seven in the evening.

This programme would recap the day’s news and get the latest updates, while there would also be some light entertainment stories, a nostalgia segment, a music performance or two and a preview of the AFL (on Thursday/Friday nights).

Presented by Tom Williams and Shelley Craft who would both return to the network. News updates and entertainment presented by Natarsha Belling.

Introduction, a quick recap of the top stories and live crosses to 7NEWS reporters around the country. This segment will be similar to the Sunrise news updates at the top of every hour.

Light entertainment and feature stories with Natarsha Belling. May also include an interview with a global megastar such as Camila Cabello or Ed Sheeran

Mondays-Wednesdays A nostalgia segment looking back at a past Seven show such as All Saints, Blue Heelers, etc. and/or an interview with past Seven identities, or a segment promoting a current Seven show such as The Voice or My Kitchen Rules
Thursdays-Fridays Live cross to the AFL/Twenty20 Big Bash League match being played that night

Preview of The Latest for that evening and/or Sunrise/Weekend Sunrise for the following day followed by a short music performance or a full-feature human interest story to finish the show

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If I could revamp Sunrise:

  • A complete overhaul. Production moves to Melbourne with new presenters. Stephen Quartermain and Candice Wyatt will host, with Jennifer Keyte reading the news, Nick Butler presenting sport, and Livinia Nixon presenting weather on location. Sharnelle Vella presents Social Media and Entertainment segments.
  • “Reach up for the Sunrise” is axed, instead using fresh-hits to start the hour, and when coming back from and going to ad breaks.
  • Regular weekly segments after the 8.30am news/sport/weather update, running for most of the half hour. The segments include sport with James Brayshaw, food, health with Dr Ginni Mansberg, music, and crime.
  • The News Feed segment is brought back, airing at 8.20am each morning, where three panellists are asked for their opinions on topical issues by Quarters. Candice will host the Hot Topics segment at 6.45am.
  • Jennifer Keyte will present a special feature/human interest story once a week, where she goes on the road and speaks to ordinary Australians.
  • The show finishes at 9am sharp, when Quarters and Candice hand over to Larry and Kylie for The Morning Show.
  • Each morning at 6.20am, the team analyse the News Corp papers (The Australian, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph etc.), to discuss what’s in the papers, and give their opinions on the news stories of the day.

Might work for Melbourne Sunrise but would virtually turn viewers everywhere else off.


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Not exactly a TV show idea, but with Prime7 merging with Seven, I thought I’d come up with two new regional 7NEWS bulletins:

7NEWS Victoria (weeknights only)
News: Rebecca Maddern
Sport: Andrew McCormack
Weather: David Brown

7NEWS New South Wales (weeknights only)
News: Daniel Gibson
Sport: Nick Marshall-McCormack
Weather: Kirstie Fitzpatrick

Option A - one hour
These news bulletins would feature mostly regional news stories, but also a mix of metro and international stories. Sport would also be a mix of local and national, and weather would cover the whole state.

Option B - half an hour
Entirely local/regional with sport covering local competitions. Weather would also cover the whole state but with a focus on regional centres.

Following this, both markets receive a cut-down half-hour edition of their respective metro bulletins at 6:30pm. This is similar to the arrangement in regional Queensland.

As for the current regional Queensland bulletins, they would all be merged into one and rebranded 7NEWS Queensland.

On weekends, the metro bulletins would air into their respective states.


Once Were Warriors: The Series
A groundbreaking adult drama series for television, based on one of Alan Duff’s bestselling novels and the 1994 feature film of the same name.

The 10-part series tells the story of an urban Māori family, the Hekes, and their problems with poverty, alcoholism and domestic violence, mostly brought on by the family patriarch Jake “The Muss” Heke (originally played in the film by Temuera Morrison).

Each episode of Once Were Warriors: The Series is classified R16 (or ‘16’ on television) in New Zealand and MA15+ in Australia, and contains graphic violence and frequent coarse language.

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A new Footy Talk Show Before the Siren.
This is a new footy talk show hosted by Luke Hodge and Abbey Holmes on Seven. This will be presented from HSV-7 studios. The program will air either on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on the start of the AFL Round)
The show will be broken down into 4 segments:
1st segment: They unveil the AFL lineups for every match
2nd segment: Both will discuss about topical matters to the AFL.
3rd segment: They will cross over to a few coaches to discuss about their main issues.
4th segment: Luke and Abbey will do their personal tips on an iPad.

For whichever network has the next Summer Olympics rights:

The Path to Paris (alternatively: The Pathway to Paris)

As the title suggests, this program would document the athletes’ preparations for the 2024 Summer Olympics which will be held in Paris, France. Would be the same format as “Road to Rio”, which Seven televised in the lead-up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The Olympics Show

The Olympics Show would be a Olympic sports and variety entertainment television program which would air on the Nine Network. It would be dedicated to the Olympics, mostly focusing on Australian events.

It would only be aired every 1.5-2.5 years for two weeks, with two episodes a week, one on Thursday night and the other on Sunday morning with the latter being called “The Sunday Olympics Show”

The show would discuss any news stories about the Olympics that happened during the week (Australia + international) and would review the matches that happened before and preview the upcoming matches.


The show would have four hosts as well as a panel of Olympic experts and former Olympic athletes. The four hosts of the program (Thursday + Sunday) would be:

  • Eddie McGuire
  • Tony Jones
  • Karl Stefanovic
  • Jim Wilson


The show would have multiple segments, and similar to The Footy Show and The Sunday Footy Show. The AFL and NRL Sunday Footy Shows would be rested during the Olympic season and replaced by the Olympics Sunday Footy Show. Like the GF edition of The Footy Show (AFL) one of the Thursday shows would have a skit during the opener with characters doing funny stunts.

With the actual segments, there would be multiple ones, for example one of the hosts would read through letters/messages/emails/tweets (like Sam’s Mailbag from The AFL Footy Show, and another one would be where Eddie quizzes someone, that would be a pub-style quiz (similar to MARStermind, also AFL Footy Show) There would also be ones that I haven’t thought of yet.


The set would be located in Paris/Los Angeles/Brisbane etc. depending on where the Olympic Games is set, and would use the Nine Olympics set. It would also be on location as all four hosts would also have commentating events.

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This idea in theory isn’t bad however trying to morph a Footy Show-type format into an Olympics context doesn’t really fit. a format similar to the old Wide World Of Sports with an added panel element would suit better here.


could just revive “the Games” - an olympic magazine show that was produced in the leadup to Sydney 2000


I have come up with an idea that I feel could work provided they could get musicians to actually perform on such a show.

Working title: Versus

Concept: 2 singers sing 2 songs, the song is nominated by each singer and the two must perform the same songs. I would try and push for a Saturday or Sunday night live program and have a 50/50 vote strategy - the studio audience would be 50% of the vote of who is better and 50% from the home viewers (or if seen as too complicated perhaps some media personalities)

example imagine Tina Arena versus Danni Minogue. Tina might choose her 1994 song, Chains which would be sung individually by both, whilst Danni might choose her 1990 song, Love And Kisses, to be sung individually by both. They both sing their take on their own song, then their take on their competitors song.

Then time permitting, have could have both singers perform together to round out the show. Any of the 3 commercial networks could do it, but like I said, preference would be on a night where it could be potentially air live post 6pm across all markets in Australia

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Tipping Point Australia on Nine
Launches 20th of March 2023

A new local format of Tipping Point will launch on Nine with Andy Lee as host. The 1 hour show will replace Hot Seat at 5PM in East coast cities, and 4PM in Adelaide and Perth. Moves to 5PM for Adel & Perth if numbers are higher than news.

The show’s format will follow the UK’s version with minor changes.

Hot Seat will move to 3PM for repeats and to monitor viewership.


Counters = A$500 per counter (UK£50 per counter)
Jackpot = A$100,000 (UK£10,000)

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Jeez that’s a massive increase…

I honestly don’t think $10,000 is a large enough jackpot for an Aussie version of Tipping Point.

This is similar to Weakest Link where, in the original UK version, the maximum possible top prize was £10,000 while in the original Australian version it was $100,000.

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Holmes: Behind the Headlines
1 x 120 min (88 mins, including commercial breaks)

For 15 years the late Sir Paul Holmes (who died in 2013) brought the issues of the day into the living rooms of almost every New Zealander, fronting TVNZ’s weeknight current affairs programme Holmes.

This feature-length documentary/retrospective looks back at the making of Holmes, including an explosive Dennis Conner interview, and features interviews with the reporters and producers who had worked on the programme during its 15-year run.

Among those being interviewed are Paul Cutler (ex-TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs and original executive producer of Holmes), Susan Baldacci (former Holmes executive producer), Pip Keane (former Holmes executive producer) and reporters Cameron Bennett, Kerryanne Evans, Mike McRoberts, Jim Mora, Mark Sainsbury and Simon Shepherd.

@nztv @Leotv What do you think of the documentary idea?

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I think the idea for a documentary is great Paddy. There hasn’t been a retrospective on his show and would be an interesting watch. Hopefully there’s a chapter on his move to Prime and what went on behind the scenes during that chaotic move. Looking forward to seeing where this goes Paddy.


Shouldn’t this go here?