TV show ideas

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Village Patrol
A spin-off series from Fireman Sam, chronicling the adventures of the men and women of the Pontypandy Police Station as they fight crime in the fictional Welsh village of Pontypandy.

In the real-life Fireman Sam series, there are currently two police officers.


how much fire and crime can this one tiny town have!!!


Ask the residents of Mount Thomas, Victoria? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know this probably isn’t the right place for this, but here is an idea.

This writers strike in the US recently triggered an idea for a new program weeks ago.

Title: What’s My Scene
Concept: An improv style series where guests are given a scenario to act out without a script.

It could be a half hour or hour show and have say three segments of this kind of acting and perhaps (if it’s an hour, have interviews with guests a la Graham Norton style). I’m pretty sure something like that would be very entertaining. Working Dog Productions could produce it for Ten

So it will be similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway?

(side note: currently airing on ABC Plus on Saturday nights after Spicks and Specks)

I actually didn’t think of that show, but I guess it would be. I think interviews could be a good touch to have it drag out for an hour

I think the interviews would only work to kill the flow between improv skits. What makes Whose Line work is that the games just flow one after another (yes, I know that the show is heavily edited to make it happen) which demonstrates not only the skills of the performers, but keeps the laughs flowing for the whole half-hour.

Title: Australian Morning (AM)
Channel: Network 10
Format: Morning Program
Time/Day: Weekdays from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
Duration: 3 hours

“AM” would be designed to wake up Australia with a burst of energy and enthusiasm. It would be a 3-hour daily show that would air from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. The program would blend information, entertainment, and interactivity, creating a lively and engaging start to the day.

Suggested Segments:
Aussie Adventures: Explore the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Australia as our hosts embark on exciting adventures across the country. This segment would showcase the natural beauty and diversity of Australia.

Culinary Quest: Discover the rich culinary heritage of Australia with renowned chefs preparing delicious dishes using local ingredients. Viewers can follow along with easy-to-cook recipes.

Community Spotlight: Highlighting remarkable individuals and organizations making a positive impact on Australian communities. This segment would inspire viewers to get involved and make a difference.

Health and Wellness: Expert advice on physical and mental well-being, with fitness routines, nutrition tips, and mindfulness practices tailored for busy mornings.

News and Updates: Delivering the latest national and international news, weather, and traffic updates to keep viewers informed as they start their day.

Live Music: Featuring live performances from Australian artists across various genres, celebrating the country’s vibrant music scene.

Viewer Engagement: Interactive segments where viewers can share their thoughts, photos, and videos on social media, fostering a sense of community.

TV Advertising Strategy:

Tagline: “This is Australia’s New Morning”

Slogan: “Are you ready for a change? I AM”

Our advertising strategy revolves around these compelling messages. We’ll create a series of engaging TV ads to promote “AM.” Each ad would showcase different aspects of the program, emphasizing its freshness and the spirit of change it represents.

Ad 1: A montage of breathtaking Australian landscapes and moments of adventure, emphasizing the tagline, “This is Australia’s New Morning.”

Ad 2: Clips of mouthwatering dishes being prepared, heartwarming community stories, and energetic fitness routines, all while inviting viewers to embrace change with the slogan, “Are you ready for a change? I AM.”

Ad 3: Quick snippets of live music performances, expert health advice, and viewer interactions, reinforcing the idea that “AM” is the new way to start the day.


Congratulations - you’ve invented the breakfast show.


With all this work and thought you have put into this, I was wondering whether you had considered the following.

What sort of hosting structure would you have?

Would you use the same format as your competitors or would you use an alternate hosting structure?

As an example, would you have all female co-hosts? Would you include say an indigenous co-host in the mix or perhaps someone from another ethnic background/minority group?

I’m curious as to your thoughts

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I hadn’t considered hosting structure(s), etc., for this; just the general program format.
I guess the general purpose of Australian Morning would be to heavily focus on areas that Today/Sunrise don’t or won’t focus on already, essentially providing something new in the space while working within the same format template as rival programs. Hosting would probably have to follow the program itself in that the structure would have to be somewhat different from that of rival programs.