TV show ideas

I think Ten should look at 2 relatively low cost productions for the network, either on primary or secondary channels

  1. Title: On This Day (or It Happened Today) - a look at events that occurred on this day in history - showing video footage where possible. This could run 7 days a week all year round - perhaps have a host to introduce - the program and then farewelling viewers - additional editorials could be included at the producers discretion

  2. Australian Legends (or Australian Legends Of The Modern Era) - showcasing Australian legends that are no longer with us. Possible candidates to feature on the program include Richie Benaud, Cornelia Frances, Bob Hawke, Graeme “Shirley” Strachan and Philip Hughes. Interviews with people close to them (one might draw similarities to Australian Story - which could be justified - but again Ten needs to reinvent itself as the network for the people, be innovators again)

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Not the most riveting programming suggestions. Australian legends would be good on bold though


You realise 10 is the Under 50s Network? Not the OVER 50s Network?


I have a suggestion.

I call it the test pattern. 6 hours of colour bars and cheap muzak 7 nights a week. :+1::joy:

Better than what’s on Ten most of the time.


But yet 10 have a woman (KAK) on their morning panel show that co-hosted a breakfast show more than 30 years ago. Prior to her appointment, there was Denise Drysdale and Ita Buttrose. I daresay with the latter two i mentioned, not many viewers would remember when the other 2 featured in a program on FTA (many of Denise’s previous efforts lasted for a little more than a few years - in late 1980-early 1990s on Nine and late 1990s-early 2000s on Seven).

Not all of their line-up is targeted to under 50s, Studio 10 is one example. Other examples of programs skewed more to older viewers include Judge Judy, Ten News (FAF) and Bold And The Beautiful - yes all 3 probably attract younger viewers as well, but at the same time attract older audiences.

Sunset College: a drama about a group of friends at a Melbourne boarding school set in the late 80’s.

Or you could wind it back to the end of the 1970s at a boarding school (think of how all those shows had characters that didn’t know the word "gay"could refer to homosexuality). You could have all sorts of goings-on, such as sneaking out, romantic rendezvous, pranks on other students and staff, crossdressing, sexual innuendo and drug references (the last 3 subjects depends on who you intend to market the show to as to how you address it) amongst other topics.

Think of how when you were back at school, there was always “that teacher” students speculated was gay and another that was thought to be a sleeze. Obviously,2 characters like that could be integrated into a concept like that (in a boarding school).

A show like that could very easily be turned into a Prisoner/Wentworth style series, only set in a school. The question would be, would it just be a senior year (eg year 11 or 12) or follow a student or group from say year 7 to year 12? I would assume by the end of Season 6 it may start to look tired.

I suppose there could also be a later re-boot if it proved popular (title could be Sunset College: The Next Generation) possibly set in the late 198s like you suggested.

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Great ideas there!

Another possible reality vehicle - The Last Resort.

Couples attend a resort type venue in the hope of saving/rejuvenating their marriages/relationships (think movie Couples Retreat). Could involve (with consent of the couples) counselling sessions, activities they participate in at the resort. Obviously be a 8:30pm (or later) program - could screen on a primary (or secondary channel), screen once (or twice) a week for say 10-12 weeks.

That idea has already been done:

I’ve got a few rough ideas for new TV shows floating around in my head and have written a rough description for at least one. As they say in the classics, stay tuned! :wink:

Ok I accept that. Another option - perhaps without all the “drama” could be a Dr Phil inspired show - perhaps Dr John Aiken could be given his own vehicle on FTA - possibly a once (or twice) a week program talking about “real issues”

Kyle Sandilands could do a Jerry Springer inspired show again possibly a once (or twice) a week program talking about “controversial” issues

Isn’t that what he’s going to be doing in Trial By Kyle?

From my understanding, not quite… All I am suggesting is you need that Jerry Springer style host for a controversial “talk” show, which Kyle is a controversial personality - 20 years ago Alan Jones could have pulled something like that off


Another option - TV or Not TV - an analysis of all things media - possibly a Saturday afternoon show for Ten

a return to sketch comedy - The Late Night Comedy Club?

Jeremy Kyle is available to front that sort of chat show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am sure when the person that first suggested a “morning program” did not envisage that infomercial segments would be a part of such a show. When "programs"are developed I am pretty sure it goes into discussions as to possible program options. Sunset College could be anything from a children’s’ program to a Prisoner inspired show. A possible 6pm vehicle for Network 10. Every idea for a program could go in numerous directions.

Possibly a more controversial idea for a game show is Truth or Dare - possible host could be Magda Szubanski

I was thinking more a children’s drama.

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