The Last Resort


A beautiful tropical island is the backdrop to a real-life soap opera as five long-term couples take part in a bold social experiment in an attempt to save their troubled relationships.

The couples have all reached rock bottom – struck by problems of infidelity, trust, and intimacy. At the end of the month, after an intensive relationship bootcamp with Australia’s leading relationship experts, will our couples call it quits or commit to each other forever? Produced by Nine.

Could it take the post-8.30pm timeslot on Tuesdays replacing Travel Guides?

I’m pretty sure it’s taking the 7:30pm once Married at First Sight ends. I thought it was a bridge program until The Voice is ready.

From the promos it’s looking like Seven Year Itch meets Temptation Island. Is Nine going to run this directly against Seven Year Itch after House of Bond next week?

I think The Last Resort will air against Seven Year Switch on Tuesday nights, with Love Child on Monday nights.

EDIT: Love Child will air on Tuesday nights from May 2, so The Last Resort should go to Monday nights.

Great to know we have a lot of variety on our FTA networks. :unamused: When two almost identical shows are up against each other appealing to the same audience, both are sure to fail.

Will be airing Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 730pm

When The Voice is reduced to two episodes as it reaches the battles stage and then live shows I assume? There is also a small event called State of Origin on three Wednesdays coming up.

Nope 9th and 10th May


Tuesday 9 May at 7.30pm

Continues Wednesday 10 May at 7.30pm

A beautiful tropical island is the backdrop to real-life drama as five long-term couples whose relationships are in crisis embark on a mission to reignite their love in The Last Resort, premiering Tuesday, May 9, at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

In this groundbreaking new Australian series, the couples will be sent to an island retreat where they will undertake a series of relationship tasks and challenges in a fight to save their love. Can The Last Resort save these couples?

Psychologist Sandy Rea and relationship coach Michael Myerscough will work closely with the couples, offering them guidance and support to help reignite the passion in their relationships.

As they confront issues of infidelity, trust and intimacy, their deepest secrets will be revealed.

At the end of one month, the couples must decide if they will exchange rings and stay together forever.

With family life, homes and long-term relationships on the line, who will fall in love all over again? And which relationships won’t survive?

Nine’s head of Content, Production and Development, Adrian Swift, says this is television like you’ve never seen before.

“This series offers real hope and inspiration, demonstrating how Australian couples can work together to rekindle the love in their relationships. It’s a completely original format that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, sure to keep you hooked.”

The Last Resort is created and produced in Australia by the Nine Network.


• Lucy (38) and Carl (37) from Sydney, NSW – He had an affair
• Sharday (27) and Josh (25) from the Gold Coast, QLD – Separated parents
• Lisa (37) and Dan (35) from Brisbane, QLD – Blended family
• Jodie (34) and Stu (39) from the Gold Coast, QLD – Sexless marriage
• Sarah (25) and Keelan (24) from Canberra, ACT – High school sweethearts

Channel 9 says The Last Resort will stay in 7.30pm timeslot despite worst launch ratings in a decade

Stubborn. Come on Australia, let’s show them how much of a flop it can really be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Remember this show?

All cities appear to come into synch for Wednesday 9.30pm when the episode description reads:

It’s the moment our couples have been working towards for a month - the stunning make-or-break ring ceremony. With the celebrant ready to officiate, our couples make the most important decision of their lives.

“the most important decision of their lives” - I think that made that bad decision when they chose to go on this show.

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Episode 9 and 10 were shown in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth in the last two weeks, and back to back in Sydney and Brisbane last week, due to split programming caused by State of Origin and Thursday night AFL.

Nine CEO Hugh Marks confirmed at today’s upfronts that the show had been axed.