The Voice


Just the usual backstory about a teen that was bullied and has now found the confidence to sing again.


I notice from the credits that Eureka Productions has been dropped as co-production company of the show. It is now solely produced by ITV Studios Australia.

Last year the blind auditions also ran for 10 episodes but they aired across four weeks, whereas this year the blinds were broadcast across three weeks. If the show repeats the schedule from last year (one week of knockouts and one week of battle rounds), then the first live show should be held on Sunday, May 20.

#244 spoiler ahead of tonight’s show.


I know I should take anything from News Corp with a grain of salt but it said that the Voice starts at 7pm.

Huh? Unless if there was a surprise announcement that ACA was cancelled for good.


Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.


That is a story about yesterday’s show isn’t it?


Sunday’s show:


Yes it is. He was on last night.


The story is dated today, so I assumed it was tonight’s program!


Are you even watching?

I’m unsure how I feel about him. Not really a singer but did have an ok voice. They made such a deal about him. He wasn’t that great.


I thought Sam was technically breaking the rules by using a vocal loop machine. If he was to make it to the live shows he needed to rely less on the machine.


He would have to have asked permission from the producers to use the looper so they clearly thought he wasn’t breaking any rules.


I thought the show was called The Voice. He didn’t really showcase a lot of that though. It’s more for Australia’s Got Talent


RIP The Voice.


Chrislyn Hamilton who placed 5th in Aus Idol and also was a semi finalist in AGT auditioned and was chosen tonight on The Voice.

Have we officially run out of options?


Now it’s Michael & Tracey Bevans daughter :flushed:


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned (sorry if it has) but Trent Bell who was in that boy group that they formed on X Factor (and made the final) is performing this week. Also someone told me that Nathan Brake who came 3rd or 4th in one of the final seasons of Australian Idol is also on it.

It all seems pretty desperate. If their careers didn’t ignite from Idol or X Factor, two shows that have actually produced artists with relative success, then they have no hope going anywhere from The Voice.


Adam Lambert was the guest mentor for Team George in the knockouts which were held two months ago but will be shown from Sunday to Tuesday. Lambert was last in Australia as a judge on The X Factor.


Watching the blind audition shows might require an investment of about 90 minutes for each episode, but in that time viewers hear an average of just 12 and a half minutes of contestants actually singing.

Episode one featured a total of just over ten minutes of singing time from contestants, but opened with a rousing rendition of Heroes from Boy George, Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem and Joe Jonas.


It actually closed with the coaches performance, but sure - minor detail.