The Voice


This will be a big loss to 9 and 9 are stupid for doing it



Sunday 15 April at 7.00pm


The Voice is set to launch on Sunday, April 15, at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now, bringing some world-first additions to the format in the most surprising season ever.

Season seven of the award-winning entertainment blockbuster will premiere over three huge nights on Sunday, April 15, Monday, April 16, and Tuesday, April 17, with the biggest lineup of Coaches ever.

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum recording artist Joe Jonas will be filling the fourth red chair on this season of The Voice. After rising to fame as one-third of the award-winning Jonas Brothers, the DNCE frontman is best known today for the breakout smash hit Cake By The Ocean, which has amassed well over a billion streams around the world.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a massive show like The Voice, especially getting to do it all in Australia where the fans are amazing,” Jonas said. “I had a taste of the show in the US last year, so now I have the knowledge to take #TeamJoe all the way in 2018.”

Joining Jonas are returning Coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George, both back by popular demand after winning over the hearts of fans around the nation in season six.

Delta Goodrem, the reigning winning Coach of The Voice Australia from seasons five and six, will be looking to make it three in a row in 2018.

Sonia Kruger returns as host for The Voice.

The talent across Australia is at an all-time high in 2018, and season seven will feature the most four-chair turns in the history of The Voice Australia.

This season also sees the addition of the world-first Wild Card format, which promises to create the most thrilling Battles to date on The Voice.


  • BLIND AUDITIONS: Here we meet the hopefuls who will audition for our Coaches in the hope of turning a chair. This season there will be the most four-chair turns ever.

  • KNOCKOUTS: Artists go head-to-head in groups of three as they perform a song their Coach has chosen within a theme. There are two thrilling “steals” per Coach up for grabs this season.

  • BATTLES: In a world-first, the Battles this season will grant each Coach a one-time use of a Wild Card save. This allows each Coach to give one of their final six artists a second chance at success, with the public deciding the fate of the four Wild Card artists and sending one to the Live Shows, turning the Top 12 into a Top 13. This will also afford one Coach an advantage of having four artists heading into the Live Shows instead of three.

  • LIVE SHOWS: 13 artists will ultimately take part in the Live Shows. As the artists perform, a live public vote remains open on The Voice app throughout the show, determining which artist will go home the following week. Special guest performances by international artists will also be featured in the Live Shows, with more details to be announced soon.

The winner of The Voice will receive the grand prize of a recording contract with Universal Music Australia and $100,000 in prizemoney.


Did The Voice take a leaf from The X Factor by introducing wildcards?

This would not have happened if Seven did not schedule MKR on 15 April. If The Voice beats MKR it will also affect the ratings for the CG closing ceremony.


The Voice will still be running when the Closing Ceremony starts on Seven in the eastern states and South Australia so a potentially smart move by Nine.


I don’t think it really matters which night The Voice is launched, ratings will be similar (there’s way more competition on the Sunday anyway).

But what I think the move by Nine was designed to do, is to take potential Closing Ceremony viewers away from Seven, as well as getting an equal start alongside MKR (Seven virtually would’ve had the night all to themselves).

Meaning Seven may not get a 50% share, even 40% and makes Nine look less damaged?


I’m not sure whether the decision by Nine to program The Voice against the MKR and the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony is a smart or dumb one.

The Voice is an aging format which hasn’t generated much for the Australian music industry in recent years apart from providing Nine some promotional music and performers for Carols By Candlelight. But at the same time, MKR isn’t the ratings powerhouse it once was.


I think The Voice’s scheduling is a good move by Nine. Why wait the extra day when MKR is going to return on the Sunday. It would have been up again MKR on Monday anyway. This way The Voice might gain ex-MKR viewers who think the season had dragged and break their habit after the long hiatus and at the same time stopping MKR having a free run. The Closing Ceremony won’t come into calculations; if people want to watch it, they’ll can choose The Voice first and see the ceremony or what’s left of it later. Interest is probably going to be lower than last Wednesday after the poor reaction the Opening Ceremony received.


Good points Cynic.

Although whatever the Closing Ceremony rates (even if it’s 500-600k!) will still be enough to give Seven a big share and win.

Due to the length that it runs, into late night.

So I can’t see Nine winning the Sunday, certainly not with the MKR and Bachelor competition as well as the Closing Ceremony.

Therefore the real ‘battle’ between the networks will be from Monday.



So, with The Voice returning tonight, what do we think of the show now in its 7th year?

I watched a bit of the first season, as did so many, was so good to see such an original music reality, that refreshed the aging genre. Coaches were great, like Seal. And it was the talk of the town, with the winner going on to do well.

But now it seems boring as anything, same old coaches, nothing new, same non-stop annoying promos, just like with MKR and next to no buzz.

The show is having an overwhelming negative reaction on social media. Checked a Facebook post from Channel 9 from this morning and comments echo some of what I said above, plus many other things. Interestingly those posts are the ones being “liked/laughed” by others.

Exact same can be said for MKR.

Could Bachelor in Paradise beat them both in coming days/weeks? It did well during Comm Games, especially demos.

Interesting times in reality TV.


This was my favourite moment last year.


I’m looking forward to watching. But generally only the Blinds … Then I tend to drop off. Unless someone actually stands out and is a reason to watch on.

update first 10 mins was emotional. They need to find a way to make the show just about the blinds. :thinking:


Obviously not. :laughing:


I think coming days will be more indicative, last night was The Voice launch of course.

I believe Bachelor in Paradise lead social media last night, excluding Closing Ceremony.


But social media means little in terms of corresponding to ratings.

A lot of people don’t ‘second screen’, a lot of people don’t use Twitter (especially compared to Instagram and Facebook) and it’s easier to manipulate trending topics by hijacking or overusing hashtags or having multiple accounts.


Yeah. We constantly say this. Social media trends often don’t translate into ratings.


Is this where Ten’s own social media accounts are pumping up their own show, rather than others? Is that what you mean (i.e.) inflation.


Yep. A lot of that, they can flood timelines by tweeting about every minute thing that goes on the show and that boosts the hashtag.


What happened in the first ten minutes?


I think Bachelor did well last night. It beat both MKR and The Voice in the 16-39 demo and was a close second to MKR in the 18-49 demo. The Voice didn’t make the top 5 in either of those demos showing that it has a older audience this year. Bachelor also increased in total viewers from last week despite the extra competition.