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Michael Usher’s tweet said 10pm but looking at Foxtel EPG it’s actually starting at 10.16pm.



Why is Alex Hart reporting on a bushfire currently burning in Victoria when he’s Sydney based?


Person who was due to report maybe called in sick?


Victoria will have a special edition of The Latest tonight at 9pm to cover the bushfires in eastern Victoria, especially Bunyip State Park south east of Melbourne. The rest of the country will get the normal bulletin at 11.15pm.


Being advertised via scroller and ads for Tasmania too so I’d assume we’re getting it as well. I wonder if this sort of stuff would have been happening back when Southern Cross had more control.



That means NT could get the bulletin as well as it relays Seven Melbourne’s signal.


Central South is also getting it.

More than likely!



Would love this at 9.30pm every night.


Musher acknowledged the wrong spelling of Morwell before the second cross tonight.


I feel like Seven should trial The Latest at 9.30 for 2 weeks in 2 markets - maybe Melbourne & Perth - then run the numbers against the averaged 9.30-10.30 slot for the last 12 months.


How can they? MKR runs to 9pm to 9.15pm or later every night. There are no normal timeslots any more.


Well at 9 / 9.16 - whatever just earlier. 2 weeks. 2 markets. to compare against entertainment programming at the same time



Interesting. Hopefully the new EP will keep The Latest true to its roots going forward. :slight_smile:

And it seems that Sean has less of a role with The Latest, going by the below tweet. Maybe this leaves open the potential that he’ll get a chance to influence the rest of the 7News branding at some point?? This’d get my vote :smiley:


Put him as the Director of News instead of McPherson. He would do a 10x better job than what McPherson has dished up.


Behind the scenes of The Latest


It will be airing tonight at 9:45pm to cover the events in Christchurch