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7NEWS to broadcast new nightly bulletin ‘The Latest’

7NEWS – Australia’s #1 news service – today announced it will now take viewers well into the night with an all-new LIVE news programme.

The Latest from 7NEWS , to be anchored by Michael Usher, will cover the very latest breaking news from both at home and around the world, as well as up-to-the-minute developments on the biggest news events of the day.

Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “The time is right to have a nightly news programme post 6pm. The Latest will be exactly what the title says. Big stories of the day develop throughout the night and many stories are breaking. We’ll be live to wherever we need to be. It will be a destination for Australians to get the very latest on the happenings at home and abroad as well as digging deeper on key issues.”

The Latest will launch at 10.30pm AEDT on Wednesday 19 December, straight after the first Big Bash League clash, LIVE on Seven and 7PLUS.

7NEWS and Michael Usher with The Latest from Wednesday 19 December, LIVE from 10.30pm AEDT on Seven and 7PLUS


Worth noting the times in each market from the Seven Schedule.

Thursday 20 December
Sydney, Melbourne
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News

09:30 PM The Latest: Seven News

10:00 PM The Latest: Seven News

11:15 PM The Latest: Seven News

Friday 21 December
Sydney, Melbourne
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News

09:30 PM The Latest: Seven News

10:00 PM The Latest: Seven News

11:00 PM The Latest: Seven News

Saturday 22 December
10:30 PM The Latest: Seven News


I can easily see Michael Usher and someone like Mel Doyle sharing the presenting role. I can’t see Musher doing seven days and the other presenters just don’t quite stack up.

The graphics look interesting, relaunch?


We need a ‘First On Media Spy’ watermark :grinning:

The white looks very different to Seven’s existing package, but I won’t think too much of it because they like being inconsistent. I quite like the white and red actually, although it reminds me slightly of the AWFUL 2011-2012 headline supers. Let’s hope we don’t see something similar to that.

I would like a red and white package, certainly different to the blue overload.


I may be looking into this too deep, but the media statement graphic looks somewhat similar to what I posted in the Today Tonight forum a few weeks ago. So maybe there might be a relaunch of some sort.

Seven News Content and Appearance

I’ve been wanting 7 to do this for a while! Early indications suggest it will be good.


If it is shown in Perth on a massive delay then it is not “The Latest” anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Michael Usher and co may have to record a WA edition, or Perth based reporters presenting The Latest for WA viewers.


They might produce a local edition.


The Latest: LIVE* from Seven News

*except WA



Trying to read between the lines, I wonder if we’ll see a dedicated reporter in each city, ie: Sunrise of a morning, or if a usual 7 News reporter starts later in the day to be ready to go live from their city if the need to?

Could this mean some long-form type of reporting or live interview/discussion with guests?


Terrible name for a news program. That image they’ve sent out for the show isn’t great either.


They’ve snatched it from Sky News who ran the same title with Laura Jayes at 6pm weeknights last year.


This is what I was saying ten should’ve been doing post big bash for the last 5 years. It’s a very good strategy to have news right after live prime time sport. And it gets to build up over summer.


I suspect Michael Usher will just be used over the summer to launch the bulletin (as he’ll be around anyway filling in for Mark Ferguson) and then next year they’ll have Robert Ovadia & co presenting. Or even Mark Ferguson Sunday - Thursday and Michael Usher Friday and Saturday.


I agree with this- whoever presents at 6pm will stay behind for the late news.


Wish they could alternate the presentation around a bit and have something like one week in Sydney, one week in Melbourne/QLD/Adelaide etc.

Probably will never happen but anyway…


It was on another website last night though?


Very red, black and white. Not a hint of blue anywhere. Feels very 7. Me like! :yum:


You’d think they’d use the regular morning and afternoon news template to brand this bulletin if they didn’t intend to develop this into something more than a straight news bulletin.


Digging deeper on big issues suggests the show may feature a bit more current affairs content (possibly in the way Ten Late News with Hamish McDonald featured interviews and other tidbits).