The Latest


That’s always been the schedule for tonight.

But next Monday it’s at 11:15pm


Update tonight:


Finally a show that understands how to use the new side screens. They should melt into the set and give each show its own unique look/feel rather than being covered in logos or attention-grabbing images.


It’s so well done. At first glance it’s hard to distinguish what’s screen and what’s set.


The Latest seems to do everything better than the regular bulletin does. No overload of colours, great use of secondary screens, attention grabbing camera angles, as well as generally well managed and interesting content to boot. Classy and elegant. The desk graphic is also simple and blends in well. Why can’t Seven translate this into the 6pm bulletin as well? They are almost like two completely different products, despite The Latest carrying the 7NEWS brand name.


Here’s a before and after of The Latest’s opening shot:

Looks fine. I think the desk looked a bit more classy without the screen but it hasn’t lost much and is more versatile now :slight_smile:

Everything looks top notch. The only thing that comes to mind with the new side screens is it has lost a bit of depth in this opening shot. Perhaps they could frame the four story images with The Latest’s frosted glassy background behind them.


That looks impressive!


Was on waaaay too late last night for anyone to still be up watching


Waaay past your bed time?




Caps from last night:


I personally feel like this motif doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s mish-mash, it’s visually distracting and I feel like I’m watching a Target ad.

While I agree that the recent touch-up for the Sydney bulletins was painfully overbearing on the blue, the previous light blue and white combo was much easier on my eyes.


Wasn’t mentioned, but last night they used the normal 7 News Music.


It uses the correct colour scheme for 7 News though, whites and blues which is their traditional colours, the rest of 7’s bulletin’s are a complete blue mess.

If only they’d lock this bulletin on at 10.30pm or even 9.30pm-ish. Why bother having it on so late?


I agree. Should be 10.30 at the latest. The Latest, haha.





However, when shown in earlier timeslots, The Latest performs worse than Seven’s other programs such as US dramas. It also rates lower than shows on other networks at earlier times.


7 Tasmania still advertises it as 10:30 every night even though it’s not.