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Did that include adverts? Shows like these generally run for 20 minutes (give or take) but when you factor in adverts it goes to 30 minutes.


Yes including the two ad breaks, I was surprised when the weather segment came up and I thought at the time maybe they were mixing things up! Then came the final frame then the end.

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Great when The Latest gets an earlier timeslot like last night. Wonder what the ratings difference is?


Something different for the opener seen this week


The show has presented certain stories using that side screen/angle recently - quite like it


Who is the main fill in for Michael Usher on this show?


There isn’t one at the moment, but these three would be my pick.

  • Mike Amor
  • Chris Reason
  • Melissa Doyle

Personally I’d prefer somebody like Angela Cox ahead of Chris Reason or Mel Doyle.

But Mike Amor would be perfect to fill in for a couple of weeks if Michael ever eventually takes some time off. Would love to see how the backdrop looks on the Melbourne set as well.


Susanahh Carr would be a great choice to host… Ok a little bias coming from WA
But why not in her last couple of years with the network give her some national exposure…Susannah deserves it


As much as it would be nice to have Sue, I am under the impression that because they are trying to build The Latest’s profile they would opt for a presenter with a larger national profile.

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I can’t see Michael taking time off for a while- maybe not until the end of the year. I think they are trying to establish the brand as The Latest with Michael Usher.

So, a relief would have to be in Sydney when Michael is sick, as the production crew are. Angela Cox is a great option but I also wouldn’t discredit Melissa Doyle. Her experience shows that she can competently flex between serious, interviews and the light.


I agree with you, but if Seven had the resources, they could implement a perth version of The Latest, but it will depend on hre schedule and whether she would want to do at late night news.

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She’s terrible.
Too old for this style of show lol

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You’ll be her age too some day. Hopefully people will show a bit more kindness and respect to you than you do to her.


Maybe it’s because I don’t live in Perth, but I’ve never really understood the appeal in Susannah Carr. Sure, it’s great how Sue is still on-air at her age and is a perfectly competent presenter (from the little I’ve seen anyway) but nothing worth an obsession over IMO.

Then again, perhaps media enthusiasts over in the West genuinely wonder why us Sydneysiders are (for the most part) obsessed with Channel Nine and their presenters if the ratings are anything to go by…

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I’m already old.


Agree. Maybe I shouldn’t have said old… but I recall the night she covered part of the Martin Place siege and she was awful. She was dithery. Not sure if that’s age or how she has always been.

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It is because you don’t live in Perth… I don’t think people here have an obsession over Susannah it’s just respect shown to a person who is liked by viewers and has had longevity in the industry.


Perhaps similar to Sandra Sully’s appeal in the East.

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It is. I wouldn’t say its an obsession but she is definitely one of the best & most trusted newsreaders in Perth. I agree with @Mischievous1 its totally like Sandra Sully in Sydney.

Susannah is definitely underrated.